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Good afternoon everyone, welcome back to the page.

I'd like to take ths opportunity to offer my sincere condolences to the Royal Family on their loss. Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was more than a Queen to the nation and commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II was a Mother, a Grandmother, a Great Grandmother. The Royal Family is just that - a Family and they are mourning a huge loss from their lives. Like the rest of us, Her late Majesty was a huge part of their lives, a true matriarch but with a stoicism and cheeky sense of humor most of us can only hope to replicate. 

Ma'am, thank you for your 70 years of service, you went above and beyond expectations. Yes, you were criticised for some of the things that took place, but you acted as you should've done and no one could ask any more of you. I hope that you are at rest with your beloved Phillip and that you are surrounded by your own loved ones sadly passed. Now is your time to watch over the rest of us as we mourn your loss and support King Charles III in his reign. 

RIP Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022.

I'm currently sat looking out the window of my accommodation listening to a certain disco band telling to have "High Hopes" and it seems fitting. I have high hopes for the coming months for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, I have done the one thing I think I should've done a while ago...I have seen the last of my ex. Not that he seems to have taken the hint but that will happen I'm sure. 

I'm ready to take back control of my life and I'm moving on from the badness that has plagued the last few years. This includes a new confidence in my writing. I'm really enjoying working on the books I have in draft at the moment, I'm loving where the characters are going, where the plot is heading and that is only ever going to be a good thing. I just need to maintain my confidence long enough to approach publishers and literary agents and we'll see what happens. Think happy thoughts for me!!

So while I've taken a hiatus from social media and the like for the last few months, I've been busy writing and I've been working on my diploma courses. I'm now the proud owner of a 100% distinction in Genealology, a 97% distinction in Egyptology. I'm just a few modules away from finishing up my Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology courses too - see a theme here? 

in the meantime, I'm waiting for news on my move back to Nottingham, hopefully I'll hear sooner rather than later but up to now, everything has been happening exactly when it has been meant to and I just have to keep fingers crossed that trend continues. 

Keep your eyes peeled on here over the coming weeks as I get back into my book reviews and blogs, I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks too so I'll be reviewing a few more of those too. 

I look forward to seeing you guys and hearing from you soon. 

Take care, stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading! xx

Hey everyone, a very happy 2022 to all of you. 

I'm sure you have all noticed that I have taken a few months off from the blog, from my book reviews, even social media. Why? My mental health has taken a battering over the last few months and I have needed to take a break from everything but my day job. 

That is hard for me to admit to, but it needs to be said. Just like it has to be said that it isn't just the pandemic that has taken a toll on my mental state, my relationship went through an awful period and is still nowhere near the condition it needs to be in for me to happy completely with it. 

I've felt very let down by people that I have been close to, felt more alone than ever and there has been nothing that anyone could do about it. I've very much had that feeling of being in a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs and yet nobody hears me. I know in my head I'm waging a battle against my latest bout of depression and that in itself isn't easy. Add into that mix, a wave of ill health (not covid related) and it has made me feel worse than ever. Even down to the constant contact from the GP feeling like harrassment when I just wanted to be left alone. 

I've got so much going on in my head at the moment that I could scream! 

I have taken to using adult colouring books as a way to try and relax my head, literally spending hours after I finished work for the day doing picture after picture after picture. I now have 2 lever arch files full of pictures that I have worked on over the last few months. 

I have also been writing. 2 new books are in progress at the moment, the 2nd of which came into my head while (oddly enough) I was putting the content of a new colouring book into a file. My head just seemed to start working on a character and the conversation they were having with another, and "The Day of The Dead Murders" was born. In case you're wondering, the colouring book was Day of the Dead themed. Good news is, I'm feeling pretty positive about my notes on this one so far. It all seems to be falling into place nicely, the characters, the background, all of it. 

So, on that note, I want to thank you all for your patience with me, for sticking around when I haven't been able to bring myself to join you and give you an update or five. Bear with me a little longer, this is all I ask. With your support, I'm sure things will pick up again for me. 

Take care, stay safe and look after each other. 

As always, Keep Reading! x

🤩 Welcome back everyone! 

Today I'm celebrating as this week sees my little website here reciving it's 200,000th hit! 

I know, I know, in the grand scheme of thins, this isn't a huge amount of hits, especially compared to the websites of more popular and published authors, but for me, an unknown and as yet unpublished author from the East Midlands (UK), this is a big deal. 

Thank you to all of my regular readers for your ongoing support! I am amazed that so many of you have clicked/tapped/selected to read up on my blog posts, my book reviews and much more. 

So this is me, lifting my glass of squash (I don't drink), and saying "cheers! Here's to the next 200,000!"

Thanks again, I'll see you again here soon. 

Stay Safe, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading! x

Good Morning everyone, welcome back!

I'm sorry it has been a while since I updated you. A lot has been happening in my personal life that I don't need to bore you all with. 

Work wise, my new day job has been busier than ever and there's been times that I've felt like I've barely had time to breathe!

Book wise, I'm working on another new project, this is a series of paranormal romances - shifter novels (but not the usual shifters you imagine). I'm excited about these books, I have great ideas in mind and that includes ideas for a series of books, not just a standalone. 

I've also been working on my diploma courses that I've been studying. I have 2 modules left on my Genealogy course and I'm halfway through my Greek Mythology and Egyptology courses. I have 2 more courses to start, but I'm waiting to start those until i have at least finished one of those I'm doing now. 

I've found a new liking of listening to audio books while I'm working, and since I've been working from home due to the pandemic, it helps to stave off the quiet. I'll be doing a series of reviews of the books I've been listening to so keep your eyes peeled for those, coming soon. 

I have errands to run, so I'm going to sign off there. Stay safe, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading! x

Good Morning everyone! Happy Sunday! welcome back to the blog, if you're new, a very warm welcome to you!

May is a funny month to me, Spring seems like it has finally arrived, albeit with a rainy, damp beginning, but this is British weather so I don't really expect anything less. Spring equals a new start for me as it does every year, but it holds sadness in that my mom would've celebrated her birthday this month - something that hasme planning a new memorial. 

Spring's new beginning for me this year is some new novels in my head that are itching to reach paper and I'm giddy with excitement over them. These are paranormal romance - a genre I do love reading and these are soemthing a little different. I'm not giving too much away as I don't want to allow expectations to build up only for disappointment if the books don't meet expectations (mine or yours). I have high hopes of things changing for me this year and this includes with my writing. 

So my new books are a series of 6, split into 2 smaller sets of 3 - they center around family groups is why that is, but the characters will cross over. I've been writing out my characters, ideas I have about who they are, what I want them to be and what it is that they're telling about themselves - I know the last part sounds strange, but any author will tell you, the characters speak to you, they tell you how they want to be written. 

I'm including some nifty (if I do say so myself) sub plots to keep the action going and keeping things interesting. I'm even writing a little lore for the characters based on who they are and the type of books that I'm writing and this is exciting for me, I am putting together something for my own little fictional realm that makes perfect sense to me, works very well with the characters and keeps a tradition there, that while only exists in fiction, seems realistic enough that it could be true in the real world too. 

I've written an autobiography too, "On The Brink Of Sanity". This is very much in a rough first draft stage and is very heavy on the short hand notes, scribbled down furiously to get things out of my head before i forgot them. I'll fill it out more and detail in where necessary later on, but for now, it is waiting in the background for the time when I'm ready to tackle it again. 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my new work, I'll keep you posted on my progress as always - hopefully I'll  be brave enough to face an editor and publisher soon!

Whatever else you're doing, stay safe and look after each other! As always, Keep Reading! x