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Good Afternoon everyone! Welcome back to my blog, or if you're new - Hello, Welcome, thank you for joining us. 

So what news do I have for you? I have picked up the pace with my own reading this last few days - I'm not kidding, I'm onto my 3rd book in the last 10 days! I've been a little behind with my reading, not so good when I have book reviews to write!

In the meantime, I've been working on a couple of projects, some new book ideas that are coming along nicely and some projects that are more crafts than art - I've recently finished loom knitting a new scarf, all festive in red with a little cream, not to mention my crochet blanket is coming on a treat. Not too bad for someone who has no idea where they are with a crochet hook at times!

What else have I been doing? Working with the writers group at my workplace has been fun, writing some pieces for homework. One was a flash fiction piece and the other, the more recent piece of work is an emotional piece centered around a favourite song and the emotions listening to the song makes you feel. Of course, I wrote a piece about a Newton Faulkner Song that reminds me of my late brother and by the time i was finished, I couldn't see the keys on my laptop for the tears running down my face. Emotional? Absolutely. 

Happy news for the new year though, I'm moving house! I'll be relocating to the southern end of England, to the 'Costa Del Dagenham' with my hunky other half (I really hope he's remembered how many books I own!) I'm super excited for the move, this has been a long time coming for us and I'm looking forward to the fresh start. Of course I'll keep you all up to date with progress as we go along. 

That's all for now - I have to get back to my reading, but I promise to pop by again soon with a new update and a new book review or two. 

Take care, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! xx

Hi everyone. 

I'm taking a rare break from my writing work and after I finished prepping dinner for tonight, I got to thinking about what kind of desert my other half might like. He'll eat just about anything so I have a lot of choices. 

I have narrowd my options down to 3 possibilities. 1) a cookie crumble chocolate cake, 2) cookies or 3) a cheesecake. 

Needless to say I've given my other half the choice. Not actually sure which one he will go for, but I'm looking forward to seeing which one it is. 

What would you choose? Do you have a favourite thing to bake? 

I like cooking and baking in between my writing as I can focus and think about something else or a time being, sometimes even come up with new ideas for my book while I'm cooking. 

Along with my reading, loom knitting and crochet, cooking relaxes me and helps me to de-stress. What hobbies do you have that help you to de-stress? 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Stay safe and as always, Keep Reading x

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I'd like to say I have had a lazy start to the day, but I am not so sure that it would be the truth. I woke up a little over a couple of hours ago and just seemed to up and ready to go for the day - not at all like me for a Sunday Morning. 

So, I've had my coffee and toast, and I thought it was high time I blogged again and brought you guys up to speed with what's been happening of late. I'm aware that it has been a few weeks since I last chatted to you so here goes...

You may already know that I've been teaching myself various crafting ideas, such as Crochet. Well I've been making a blanket, and I'm in the process of stiching the squares together - I'm hoping to finish it before this winter. I haven't mastered knitting with knitting needles yet, still looks like a cats cradle gone wild!

I'm moving home in the next few months, maybe no later than February/March next year, and as I have a lot of stuff, I've decided to start clearing out now. I'm starting to sort out the things I want to keep, what I can take to a charity shop (goodwill) and what I can just throw into the bin! I honestly don't know where it all came from! You never know exactly how much stuff you have until you try and sort it out to pack for a move. I'm super aware that I inherited a lot of things from my mom's house when she passed 4 1/2 years ago and my dad has been storing that for me - he'll be glad to be get his spare room back I'm sure!

I have more good news. I'm writing a new book! I'm heavily into my note making stage at the moment, and I've spent more than a couple of hours during the last week at a local coffee shop writing in my notebook while nursing a mug of my favourite coffee (half shot, skinny, hazlenut Mocha, no foam) and a piece of banana loaf. I've had a few curious looks, but since working lunches are a regular thing in Britain's coffee shops nowadays, I haven't looked out of place, although people are possibly wondering why I'm say with an actual notebook and pencil as opposed to a laptop. I'm really excited about this one, the plot is settling in my mind, I'm discovering new characters and hearing their 'voices' in my head - figuratively, not literally of course! I don't want to say too much about it, as I don't want to jinx myself, but this one is a little more spooky, a hint of haunted goings on, a tragic past and a mystery to solve - sound interesting? 

There is one part of the book that I am settled on, and really was straight away, and that is the title; "Mother Knows Best". Oddly, this was a dry one-liner in an American Police proceedural that I was watching and it just stuck in my head and sounded like the good title for the book, so there it is. Thank you TV police show for the idea. 

Right now, I'm logging off and I'm going to relax (it is Sunday after all) and stitch some more squares of my blanket together! 

Have a great weekend, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading!! xx

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. 

I've been super aware that I haven't updated you as much as I would like to when it comes to this blog, let alone my writing escapades!

So, in that vein, I wanted to write and let you know about my new favourite writing spot. Or rather, my favourite writing spot when I'm in London. 

I'm sat, literally in the living room window, enjoying the breeze coming in the windows, and a rare afternoon cup of coffee (I don't usually drink coffee in the afternoon). I have aquired my boyf's old office chair, that is creakier than I am, and this lovely little folding table that acts as my working desk.

Sitting here, I get to embrace my inner geek and marvel at the physics that is the modern aircraft - the flat is in the flight path for two airports so every 90 or so seconds another flight is going overhead. I'm not the type of person who goes into the detail of the type of plane it is, the tail number and so on, but I do like to look at the planes going overhead, and see if I can tell which airline they belong to - some are easier to recognise than others. 

When I'm not gawking at the aircraft, and enjoying the view from the window (today is sunny skies, green leafy trees and the boyf's Kalanchoe plant), I sit and write. I don't always use a computer either. I'm an old fashioned kind of person, I don't see what is wrong with good old fashioned pen and paper.

Now good stationery is a must for any budding writer. I have been known to spend hours trawling up and down the shelves looking at different notebooks, pens and so on until I find the right one for the draft I'm working on. My current favourite pens to write with are "Papermate 'Inkjoy' 0.7F" and have a slightly triangular barrel which is really comfortable for me to work with. I love to write with pens that have a thicker nib to write with, a minimum 0.7, but I do have some 1.0 pens too that are a dream. My handwriting is large and curly, and has been described as 'comfortable' and the pens really help. 

Notebooks are a whole other story. I have a new notebook for each new book I start, so you can only imagine how many different notebooks I have. I have ringbound, hardback, paperback, A4, A5, plain and coloured and all sorts. The only thing that is consistent is that they are lined. Not all writers are the same though, and I would encourage you to shop around until you find the right stationery for you. Much like with clothing, each writer has their own style which is unique to them. 

For those of you that, like I do currently, write in the main part of your home, like the living room, bedroom or so on; I find the key is to put the tv on low as background noise. For me, I find this easier to work with opposed to silence. My day job is in an office, so as you can imagine, there is little silence when I am usually at work, so for me, the tv serves as the background "office noise" and I've learned a foodie trick or two while I'm writing too. 

So, that's me and my new favourite writing space. I'd love to hear from you too, where do you write? Do you have a routine that you just have to stick to when you're working? Let me know. 

Enjoy, stay safe whatever you're doing and as always, Keep Reading! x



That moment when you have "Spring, spring, Spring" from 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' in your head and it influences your blog title....Anyway..

Welcome to my new blog post! I digressed a little today, sorry about that! I can't promise that the song won't rear it's head again through the blog but I will do my best. 

What has happened since I last updated you in April? Well I have managed to read 2 books from my reading pile (I swear the pile never looks any smaller!) and the reviews are live now. You'll find the reviews for "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" and "Big Little Lies" in my 'To Read...Or Not' section now. 

I also came across a genius new idea for a book that I have been making notes on - I won't say too much, but I know my knowledge of Chess is going to be tested!

I'm still in the proces of finishing off my Writing Course, and I'm even thinking about doing another one - I like learning. 

I'm trying to do so many things at once, i feel like I have a Newton's Cradle ticking along in my head. Do you ever feel like that? Glad it isn't just me. I'm writing my new book(s), looking for a new job, looking for a new house and all manner of things, and boy does it give me a headache. But, you know what? I wouldn't change a thing because it means times are changing, and things are moving on. That's a good thing. 

Right now, I'm off to write a new chapter or two. I'll catch you later. 

Stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading! x