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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. 

I've been super aware that I haven't updated you as much as I would like to when it comes to this blog, let alone my writing escapades!

So, in that vein, I wanted to write and let you know about my new favourite writing spot. Or rather, my favourite writing spot when I'm in London. 

I'm sat, literally in the living room window, enjoying the breeze coming in the windows, and a rare afternoon cup of coffee (I don't usually drink coffee in the afternoon). I have aquired my boyf's old office chair, that is creakier than I am, and this lovely little folding table that acts as my working desk.

Sitting here, I get to embrace my inner geek and marvel at the physics that is the modern aircraft - the flat is in the flight path for two airports so every 90 or so seconds another flight is going overhead. I'm not the type of person who goes into the detail of the type of plane it is, the tail number and so on, but I do like to look at the planes going overhead, and see if I can tell which airline they belong to - some are easier to recognise than others. 

When I'm not gawking at the aircraft, and enjoying the view from the window (today is sunny skies, green leafy trees and the boyf's Kalanchoe plant), I sit and write. I don't always use a computer either. I'm an old fashioned kind of person, I don't see what is wrong with good old fashioned pen and paper.

Now good stationery is a must for any budding writer. I have been known to spend hours trawling up and down the shelves looking at different notebooks, pens and so on until I find the right one for the draft I'm working on. My current favourite pens to write with are "Papermate 'Inkjoy' 0.7F" and have a slightly triangular barrel which is really comfortable for me to work with. I love to write with pens that have a thicker nib to write with, a minimum 0.7, but I do have some 1.0 pens too that are a dream. My handwriting is large and curly, and has been described as 'comfortable' and the pens really help. 

Notebooks are a whole other story. I have a new notebook for each new book I start, so you can only imagine how many different notebooks I have. I have ringbound, hardback, paperback, A4, A5, plain and coloured and all sorts. The only thing that is consistent is that they are lined. Not all writers are the same though, and I would encourage you to shop around until you find the right stationery for you. Much like with clothing, each writer has their own style which is unique to them. 

For those of you that, like I do currently, write in the main part of your home, like the living room, bedroom or so on; I find the key is to put the tv on low as background noise. For me, I find this easier to work with opposed to silence. My day job is in an office, so as you can imagine, there is little silence when I am usually at work, so for me, the tv serves as the background "office noise" and I've learned a foodie trick or two while I'm writing too. 

So, that's me and my new favourite writing space. I'd love to hear from you too, where do you write? Do you have a routine that you just have to stick to when you're working? Let me know. 

Enjoy, stay safe whatever you're doing and as always, Keep Reading! x



That moment when you have "Spring, spring, Spring" from 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' in your head and it influences your blog title....Anyway..

Welcome to my new blog post! I digressed a little today, sorry about that! I can't promise that the song won't rear it's head again through the blog but I will do my best. 

What has happened since I last updated you in April? Well I have managed to read 2 books from my reading pile (I swear the pile never looks any smaller!) and the reviews are live now. You'll find the reviews for "The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle" and "Big Little Lies" in my 'To Read...Or Not' section now. 

I also came across a genius new idea for a book that I have been making notes on - I won't say too much, but I know my knowledge of Chess is going to be tested!

I'm still in the proces of finishing off my Writing Course, and I'm even thinking about doing another one - I like learning. 

I'm trying to do so many things at once, i feel like I have a Newton's Cradle ticking along in my head. Do you ever feel like that? Glad it isn't just me. I'm writing my new book(s), looking for a new job, looking for a new house and all manner of things, and boy does it give me a headache. But, you know what? I wouldn't change a thing because it means times are changing, and things are moving on. That's a good thing. 

Right now, I'm off to write a new chapter or two. I'll catch you later. 

Stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading! x


Good Morning Everyone!

I've been chatting to a friend of mine in regards to my writing and we inevitably got around to the subject of Writer's block, with my friend asking me how I handle it. Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't get Writer's block - I do. Moreover, it seems to happen when I have so much going on in my head that I can't seem to work out or decide what it is that I want to do next. 

What do I do about it? I keep doing something. It isn't always a good thing for me to keep writing if I've hit a block, what I wrote ends up being complete garbage and I don't like having to keep rewriting things. I think this is why I have so many hobbies, I write, I read, I loom knit (baby hats are a go at the moment), I make jewellery. Why? I like to keep my mind occupied, but if I feel a little tangled up with one thing, I pick up something else for a while to give my head a chance to sort through everything. 

I sometimes find it helps to change position and move around, I don't sit to write in the same place for more than a couple of days unless I really like the spot and the ambience around me works. For example, I normally sit at the back of the room (I'm in the living room at the mo), facing the window, but I decided to move my little table to under the window instead. Now when I need to look away from the screen to rest my eyes, I look up and out of the window and see a different view, much more of the trees that are right outside as opposed to just the block of flats across the road. 

I also have a (not so secret) thing about planes. My home here in London appears to sit under a flight path for both big London airports so there are planes coming overhead almost one every couple of minutes and I love it. I just can't get over the physics of it, how something so big can get into he air, fully loaded with passengers and luggage and fly such huge distances...anyway, I digress. 

If I do want to carry on writing, I might change the draft I'm working on so I don't find myself becoming a little fed up with the piece I'm working on. I have a few that I like to keep on the go and if I get a new idea, I write it down. I have notebooks all over the place (at home in Nottingham) and try and keep just one general use notebook with me when I travel home to London in case a new idea pops into my head. 

Most of all, I have learned to give myself a break. I used to get so frustrated with myself when an idea wasn't working or I just couldn't think what to write next, now I don't woory quite so much. I have a break, make some fruit tea and just watch a tv show for a short break before I start again. In fact, I like that idea so I'm going to go a pop the kettle on. 

I hope my ramblings here help you to understand that Writer's block isn't always a bad thing, that you can take it easy on yourself and relax - after all, the calmer you are, the better you write. 

Take care, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you're having a good year so far. I've been hearing some odd rumours. I've heard that there's a new trend, people aren't just creating new year resolutions around January 1st, but are also making new year resolutions around the change of the Tax year. 

To be fair, I'm not sure what I think about this. For a finance point of view, those who want to be in a better financial position during the now current tax year, it makes sense, but to the rest? Not sure why they would bother. What do you think? Odd, or Good? 

Workwise, I had a lightbulb moment yesterday morning while I was getting ready to come back to London. Honestly, just when I don't have a pen and paper handy, I get a good idea for a story. I didn't let the idea go to waste, I spent my time waiting for the train at the station writing down my idea.

while I let the idea take shape, I intend to relax, rest and then pick up where I've left off. What are your plans? Anything exciting happeneing this week for you?

i'll keep this update short for now, but keep your eyes peeled, I may be back again yet!

Take care, stay safe and as always, keep reading!! x 

Hi Everyone!

If this is the first time joing the blog, welcome! to the rest of you, welcome back! I should apologise for the delay in posting a blog - time has flown by before i've had chance to sit down and catch up with myself!

So what have I been doing over the last few weeks?? A number of things have been on the go. You may have heard via the facebook grapevine, I gave up Chocolate for the month of february to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. I've also made a scarf for a friend using my looms and I've been crocheting Nanna Squares to make myself a blanket - coming along nicely even if I do say so myself. 

In the world of the day job, I'm looking to make a move in a southerly direction, in that I'm looking to move to London. So I've been looking at vacancies in London that take my fancy - in fact I'm just waiting to hear back on a couple as I write to you. As always, I'll let you know how I get on. 

I seem to have discovered a reasonably new minor obsession - Partylite Candles. Have you heard of them? I love them and there's one frgrance in particular that I'm hooked on - I'm not divulging that just yet - I want you to see for yourselves. honestly I love the candles - yes, they are more expensive that your everyday, run of the mill candles, but the frgrances are gorgeous, the holders are spectacular and the candles are good for everybody! I urge you to check out my friend's business page on Facebook - Lulu's cosy home by partylite - it's a self employed business so you'll be helping a small business with every purchase - trust me, you'll love it!

Anyway, back to writing news. I'll be adding more book reviews to the site in a couple of weeks, when I have written them up - I have a week off ahead of the Easter break and I'll be catching up on my paperwork then. I've also been working on my new Flash Fiction project - I've added a few stories to my NaNoWriMo section here on the site - check them out if you haven't already. Book wise, I have a couple of projects underway at the moment, I'm just taking it easy and letting my characters take me where they want to go at the moment. 

I'll sign off for now, but with a promise that I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some more book reviews. 

stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x