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Welcome back to my blog. Happy New Year to all of you!

First I want to say yet another huge thank you to all of you who are supporting me in my work, my blog and book reviews, the 90,000+ hits on my site show I must be doing something right! Thank you so much, I hope you all continue to visit the site and support me going forwards as I take on new and exciting things. 

I have officially launched my new Book Club - to join, just follow the instruction on my front page and I look forward to having you join me. Hurry though, January's read will be revealed at the end of this week.

This month I'm thinking about funny little rituals and superstitions that we all have. My mum had a few of them, for example, if your right hand itches, she'd say "Rub it on wood, make it come good". This is because your right hand itching is lucky and means you're going to receive something, money or somesuch, so dutifully, each time my right hand itches, I find the nearest piece of wood I can, table top, doorframe and I scratch my hand on it. Do you know what? it is usually correct and within a day or two of my right hand itching, I've received whatever it was in the post. The kicker is to ignore it if your left hand itches as it means "left to leave" so you're due a bill or something that means you will need to spend money. 

There are other rituals I stick to as well, just out of a long formed habit. Such like not doing laundry on New Year's day as it is bad luck and for some reason I always put my right foot first when I climb stairs. (Never did know why, even now). 

What about you? What rituals or superstitions do you have? care to share?? let me know. If it is funky enough, it might even feature in a short story of mine!

That's it for now, I'll be back later I promise. In the meantime, stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading!

Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to wish you all a happy holidays, whatever it is that you're going to be doing tomorrow. 

Whatever else Christmas is to you, it is a time to reflect on the last year and what you have done, as well as a chance to look forwards to the next 12 months and what you intend to do. 

Remember your friends, your family and loved ones and keep them close to your hearts. 

Take care of yourselves, have a great time tomorrow! oh, and if you haven't already, check out my front page for my latest news and plans for the coming months!

Happy Holidays xx

Good Morning everyone! 

I genuinely can't believe it is December again already - I've said it countless times as you guys know, but where has the year gone? 

NaNoWriMo was a bust for me this year I'm afraid and I'm so sorry for not living up to my end of the bargain during November itself, but I will carry on posting articles and such like over the coming weeks in the vein of NaNoWriMo so don't worry. 

I know a few of you have had time to check out my current posted article on Bullying and I thank you so much for your support. I recently had a conversation at work with a colleague who had read the article and she told me that she had "much respect" for me, putting my story out there like that. To be honest, I've felt for a long time that it was a story that needed to be told, needed to be said, to be brought out into the open. Bullying is a massive problem and it effects more and more children (and adults) every day. It is not acceptable, it will never be acceptable and I don't condone anyone who acts in such a way. If you have been bullied, I urge you to talk to someone - I will listen to anyone who needs to talk - doesn't matter if it is a teacher, colleague, parent, whoever, just talk to someone. Don't do what I did. 

I bottled things up for years, mostly because of how my mother was. I didn't feel like I could say anything. All that happened was resentments grew. I would lash out when it all just got a little too much, sometimes pushing away those I called friends because I just didn't know how to handle it all. Doing that isn't healthy and can really affect your relationships now and in the future.

So, what good is coming out of my writing the article now? I'd like to see it as a turning point for me. You would not know the amount of effort it took for me to put it all out there like I did. To tell my truth. Now I feel that If I can do that, I can go ahead and take steps to get my work published! So in the coming months to a year, I will be getting my book edited and updated and will be working on publishing it. Most likely, this will be an E-Book to begin with, but I would love to see it in paperback on bookshelves! I will of course, keep you all up to date on my progress with that. 

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support, I really appreciate it. 

So, in the meantime, what have I been doing? Well I changed my day job role in October, so I am learning new processes at work and learning the new job, but I've been told I'm doing well. I have also had to take the leap and buy a new car. My poor old car was not going to last much longer, she was poorly and had begun to cost me a lot more money than she was worth - the point that I had told my mother when she bought my car, that I would change car. So I now have new wheels, and I'm still getting used to what this car does - what doesn't she do?! I'm certain there's an ejector seat switch somewhere, a parachute, oil slick, and who knows what, but that might be just me living out my James Bond fantasies - she has so many buttons and switches though! At least I haven't set my wipers going when I meant to indicate left or right! 

I'm going to head off, errands to run, pieces to write and so on...

If I don't see you before, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! 2019 is a year of change for me so keep your eyes peeled.

Stay safe, be kind to each other and as always, Keep Reading!! x

Hi everyone!

Thank you for joining me. As you know, I've been trying to get up and running with this year's NaNoWriMo challenge. Due to personal issues, this has been a little slower on the start up than first thought, but I have just posted my first new piece, a 1,600 word article. 

I don't want to give it away, if you're interested, check out the article on my new page, NaNoWriMo articles. 

I will advise you though, in the article, I talk candidly about my childhood, being bullied, the effects of that as well as some notes about my home life from the time. This is my truth, and forms a part of me. You might be upset, hurt, angry by what you read and for that I'm sorry, but I cannot change my own past, I can only look to the future. 

I do promise that my next piece will be a lot more lighthearted and happy though. 

I will also be posting a new book review or two in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Stay safe, and as always, keep reading! x

Hello everyone! It feels like it has been a while since I last posted. I've had a really busy few weeks. I have changed my "day job" role within the organisation I work for, I begin my new post when I head back into the office next week after spending this week in London with the other half. 

I finally have my internet back up and running - I've not had proper internet access for over a month as my old hub was having a tantrum, but that one has gone and a new one has taken over so I'm back doing what I love doing.

I'm also on the hunt for a new (or newer) car. Boo!! Not good. I'm actually really sad about this as my mom bought my current car for me and I've had her (yes, my car is a girl - too many cat like tendancies not to be) for over 6 years now. But, sad to say, she is beginning to cost me more than I think she is now worth and it is apparent that I won't have her for much longer. I haven't a clue what type of car I want next, but I know I don't want the same again, that would be too much of a kick to the gut. I'm sure I'll find something I like. 

Tomorrow night the other half and I are having a rare date night - As we live apart, we don't get to do this too often - we're heading off out on the town to see a comedy show at the O2. Yes, we're off to see Mr Michael McIntyre himself!! I'm ridiculously excited - I literally cannot wait!

Other than that, I'm still working on some new ideas, both for short stories and also novel ideas, one of which is taking a very nice form at the moment, something I'm putting down to having the right notebook and pen to begin with, so I'm excited to be writing something new. Some of my other ideas have come to a halt at the moment, almost like I have selective writer's block while a new idea comes out, but I'll go back to my other ideas when I'm inspired to do so. I feel like I need to get my head in the zone and just let my pen do the talking, I swear I overthink things so much when I really don't have to, but why change the habit of a lifetime huh?

Lastly, I'm doing a little charity work. I've recently signed up to take part in some volunteering work with Age UK (Nottingham) and I'm also making baby hats for a friend to go to a baby unit - my hats are double cute even if I do say so myself. 

As always, I want to hear from you, what are you working on? Need a new book to read and not sure what to go for? I'm happy to devise a personalised reading list for you so just let me know. 

In the meantime, a task for you. While we're only just into October, November is fast approaching and for writer's like me, means only one thing - NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month if you've not heard of it before. The idea (if I remember correctly) is to write 30,000 words in 30 days. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well if you think about it as 1,000 words per day, it doesn't seem completely unreasonable to do. I fully intend to get involved and for the month of November, yes, all 30 days of it, I will be writing 1,000 word pieces that I will post onto the site in a special feature. 

I want you to get involved, join me in NaNoWriMo and join in with your own 1,000 word per day pieces. This can be individual stories or chapters of a new book that you've wanted to write - now is the perfect opportunity. 

To prevent time slipping past you, use the time you have left in October to plan ahead the topics you want to write about, story ideas and such like. This gives you a head start for getting stuck in with November's challenge. So, who's with me??

Best of luck.

Stay safe, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading! xx