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Holy Moly! Was it really August when I last updated my blog?! crumbs, is it me or does time fly? I'm sorry for the delay peeps, it has been really hectic over the past few weeks in the James household (away from my writing that is). Moving forwards, I'm rearing to go head-long into 2014 and a brand new year.

Now I know I promised to showcase a new webisodal story on here, and I did mean to, but for some reason, I've not been able to make the story work well enough so for the time being, the webisode has been shelved. I will start it up at some point, but bear with me whilst I work on it.

As I've mentioned in my news section, new for 2014 will be a feature called "Treats from a writer's table" a selection of my favorite recipes from my own table, not just Christmas ones, but good ideas for all year round. Most of the recipes are mine, some are from magazines that I've tried and liked making, I just hope that you guys enjoy trying them too. The idea for this came about because from my own experience, we know what music some writer's listen to, we know what books other writer's like to read, but we don't know a lot about what writer's will like to eat from time to time, so I thought I'd show you some of the things I like.

Book news now, I've been researching on a couple of new novels, both old ideas that i was working on a few years back before I had my old Laptop stolen and I figured I'd try and bring them to the fore again. I'm playing with the idea of reincarnation, I'm even teaching myself to read Heiroglyphs as one of the characters I'm writing is an Egyptologist! - Good fun, but hard work!

the temporary title for the other work is "Adopted Dreams" as this is what I can remember from my old draft. My current plan is around the story of a woman, haunted by dreams of a Venetian Masquerade party, seen through a child's eyes but not knowing why. think ghost/supernatural story for this one.

Now what I want to know is if any of you have been trying to think up your new year's resolutions yet? I have one or two, and I'm determined to stick to them, heck or high water, I will stick to my resolutions! If you haven't thought of any, don't worry, there's still time as yet.

One thing I did decide to do is to sponsor a dog through the Dog's Trust charity, and I have. The Border Collie cross, aptly named Mr Darcy, is adorable, he's 3 years old and has the most lovely eyes! Bless him. Just the kind of dog I could cuddle! I'll keep you updated on him as I receive my updates from the trust. I decided to sponsor Mr Darcy as I'm not able to have a dog at home - I'm just not around a lot and it wouldn't be fair on the dog, and also I know that Mr Darcy is well loooked after and the money I pay each month will go towards his food and vets bills and keeping him safe. I think it is a worthy cause, I hate to think of an animal of any kind being abused (I give to others too) and I'm proud to be a sponsor.

In the meantime, I want to wish you all a wonderful new year, and as always, Keep Reading!

Best wishes, Emma

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