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June update- Birthday's, books and bravery.

Hi everyone! June already - where is the year going? It is already my birthday and in just a few weeks time I'll be in Austria writing my travel diary to post on here for my readers!

June for me has been a month of mixed emotions and feelings. I've been busy in my 'day job' as usual, but this month carries a sadness for me. This is the month that I remember 1 less birthday than usual, as I have done now for the last 3 years since I lost my Aunt to Cancer.

I don't dwell on that sadness though, I use it to make me stronger, to make me work harder to be the writer that I know my Aunt would have been proud of. It is remembering her that makes me just that little bit more than usual.

My latest draft is coming along well (currently titled "The Science of Sex"), for a girl who reads RomCom's and watches "Chick Flicks", but can't write comedy for toffee, I'm having an ball (excuse the pun) in writing the book. I figure, if the character is making me laugh I'm off to a good start, don't you think?

I have a challenge to set you for this month. Nowadays, so many of us rely heavily on emails, texting, even Facebook and Twitter to communicate with others. Remember the good old days before the Internet? No? (in which case, my age is showing). Well let me enlighten you. Before the internet, emails, texting and such, there was a wonder of technology called a pen and paper.

I've discovered that as the years pass, and we become more absorbed into technology to communicate, the need for an actual pen and paper is diminishing. This, for a writer such as myself is upsetting. Yes I find a PC or Laptop easier for typing this blog, and even for writing up my manuscripts, but I miss the pleasure I get from writing a letter to a family member on a piece of paper.

When I'm writing notes for a book, I use a notebook, ringbound, jotter style, whatever takes my fancy at the time. I have a new notebook for each new book I begin drafting, so I'm sure you can imagine just how many I have in my home! I like using notebooks, I can scribble away to my hearts content and I'm not using my electric to do it. But I digress....

My challenge to you, my loyal readers is this; for the next month, I want you to write letters, on paper (the good old fashioned way) to the following people:

a family member - (I like to write to my Nana who lives in Ireland) you can choose whomever you like.

a friend - can be at work, school, home or even a 'pen friend' if you want.

lastly, the trickster of the group...write a letter to yourself. Sound silly? It is, but think about something that has happened to you lately or even a few years ago. If you could have done something differently, what would have been? There's a phrase you may hear; "If I knew then what I know now". Write to your younger/older self. tell 'them' about what happened, what you did, the outcome? What you would you say if you were passing along some wisdom to your older/younger self? Makes for a good read - trust me.

I leave you all to have a think about that for now, and I'll see how you got on next month. But I want to say one last thing. Thank you. I can now say that this site of mine has had over 10,000 hits this last year and there are still 2 weeks before the site turns two!

Take Care, and Keep Reading!

Emma x

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