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Hi Everyone,

another month, another heatwave! I don't know about you, but anything above 22'C is just a little too warm. So it is with a steady supply of ice cubes and Oasis that I'm sitting updating you with this month's blog.

I told you a little while ago that i was re doing the ending to "Confessions of Revenge". Well that is happening, I'm in the process of editing the book at the moment, I think the new ending is a lot stronger than the last one and I'm hoping that when the book is released that you'll agree.

In the meantime, there's just 5 weeks left until my Austria Trip and the travel diary can be written. I'm guessing i'll be looking a little antisocial, writing in my notebook all of the time, but books and blogs don't write themselves!

Last month I set you all a challenge to hand write letters to someone. Whether that was a friend, a family member it didn't matter. How's it going? Have you challenged yourselves enough? I wrote to my Nana in Ireland - I like doing that, I like updating her on my books and other things that are going on in my life - i don't see her as often as i'd like - in fact, it has been years since i saw her, so my letters are a way of her knowing i'm thinking of her.

Keep going with the letters though. I know a lot of you put pen to paper and then saw just how good (or bad) that a) your writing was and b) you saw that a dictionary was going to be needed as you'd become too used to using the automatic spellchecks on the PC. challenge yourselves as much as possible; it can only be a good thing!

I'll leave you with that thought, but in the meantime, Keep Reading!

Take care,


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