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Fun but frosty February

Hello my lovlies! Welcome to my February blog. 

How is the new year treating you? Good I hope.

For me, the new year has gotten off to to the same start it always does, with the cheer of the new year ebbing sadly into the January blues. But I haven't let that keep me down - oh no! I've been busy noting new ideas and working on some of the old ones to keep my writing in full flow.

I'm still working on the 2nd assignment for my course - I know its taking a while, but sometimes I just want a weekend of doing nothing to allow my brain to relax a little.

I've been busy reading though and a new book review will be added just as soon as I am done here. I've also been sorting out a few of my books to take into my workplace tomorrow. I have to be ruthless with myself - Have I read it? Do I want to read it? Do I think I have kept it to make my bookshelf look pretty?

So far, I have only put around 6 books into the bag, but I think one or two more may find themselves being taken to work tomorrow so someone else can give them a go. 

I'm really aware that I am not telling you much this time around, and I think it is because nothing really happens in February for me. It holds a sad reminder for me of someone I lost a few years ago and I did surprise those I work with when I announced I had worked (at my day job) there for 8 years on February 1st. Other than that, February for me is full of the mundane and ordinary. 

What makes my February fun then? As the title of this blog suggests, this should be a fun month and as it is only February 18th (Happy Birthday to my beautiful Nanna!!) there is time left for the fun to begin! Don't worry, I'll let you know if it does!

Ok, enough of the maudlin. I'm now thinking about the next book I'm going to read for my review. This is part of the reasin some books will be making their way to work tomorrow. I've been going through my bookcase and have managed to whittle the choice down to 2. Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express" and Amy Engel's "The Roanoke Girls". You'll just have to wait for the next review to see which one I pick - you might be lucky and find I've read them both! 

I'm also reading a book at work (do you ever read more than one book at a time?), I like to read one during my lunchbreak and then I'll read one in the evening, but not always the same book. Yes, I know it is an odd thing to do. I'm reading Daisy Waugh's "Melting the Snow on Hester Street" on my lunchbreaks. I'm not going to divulge too much at the moment, but I will add a review when I'm done. I'm enjoying it so far though.

So while I'm thinking about my new books, I'm going to head off and add the new book review for you. Whatever you're doing, wherever you're going, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x


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