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Time for a new update on my draft for my second novel, "Black Widower". I'm finally in the typing stage, planning is over and I'm just working on getting the right kind of opening that will draw you in to the book and keep you there!

I know, some people would say that this is the easy bit, doing the writing, but this can also be the hardest part. All too often (as I found with my first novel), I would go back to the screen after a short break, re-read what I'd written in the morning and delete parts of it, or even all of it and start again! I tend to edit as I go which is not always the best thing to do!

I have a firm idea as to who my main characters are and how I want them to act, so now it is up to them to show me their true colors and tell me their story as I go along...

I'll keep you posted as I go, so I hope to see you again soon!

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