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Happy Sunday everyone! 

I'd like to say I have had a lazy start to the day, but I am not so sure that it would be the truth. I woke up a little over a couple of hours ago and just seemed to up and ready to go for the day - not at all like me for a Sunday Morning. 

So, I've had my coffee and toast, and I thought it was high time I blogged again and brought you guys up to speed with what's been happening of late. I'm aware that it has been a few weeks since I last chatted to you so here goes...

You may already know that I've been teaching myself various crafting ideas, such as Crochet. Well I've been making a blanket, and I'm in the process of stiching the squares together - I'm hoping to finish it before this winter. I haven't mastered knitting with knitting needles yet, still looks like a cats cradle gone wild!

I'm moving home in the next few months, maybe no later than February/March next year, and as I have a lot of stuff, I've decided to start clearing out now. I'm starting to sort out the things I want to keep, what I can take to a charity shop (goodwill) and what I can just throw into the bin! I honestly don't know where it all came from! You never know exactly how much stuff you have until you try and sort it out to pack for a move. I'm super aware that I inherited a lot of things from my mom's house when she passed 4 1/2 years ago and my dad has been storing that for me - he'll be glad to be get his spare room back I'm sure!

I have more good news. I'm writing a new book! I'm heavily into my note making stage at the moment, and I've spent more than a couple of hours during the last week at a local coffee shop writing in my notebook while nursing a mug of my favourite coffee (half shot, skinny, hazlenut Mocha, no foam) and a piece of banana loaf. I've had a few curious looks, but since working lunches are a regular thing in Britain's coffee shops nowadays, I haven't looked out of place, although people are possibly wondering why I'm say with an actual notebook and pencil as opposed to a laptop. I'm really excited about this one, the plot is settling in my mind, I'm discovering new characters and hearing their 'voices' in my head - figuratively, not literally of course! I don't want to say too much about it, as I don't want to jinx myself, but this one is a little more spooky, a hint of haunted goings on, a tragic past and a mystery to solve - sound interesting? 

There is one part of the book that I am settled on, and really was straight away, and that is the title; "Mother Knows Best". Oddly, this was a dry one-liner in an American Police proceedural that I was watching and it just stuck in my head and sounded like the good title for the book, so there it is. Thank you TV police show for the idea. 

Right now, I'm logging off and I'm going to relax (it is Sunday after all) and stitch some more squares of my blanket together! 

Have a great weekend, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading!! xx

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