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Another lot of dreaded resolutions!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. 

I hope you've all had a great holiday, whatever it is that you've been doing. I made shortbread biscuits for the first time - using my late Mum's famous Be-Ro book! I honestly think that book is older then I am, the sellotape is brown, there's pages ready to drop out and I am well and truly of the opinion that it needs to be placed in a museum! - but not anytime soon though. 

So we're back to that time of year again, that limbo period between Christmas and New Year where nobody seems to know exactly what to do with themselves, if you're working, you don't really feel like it, and may just have gone in to show your face, and maybe see if there's any mince pies left from the foodie banquet laid out on the last day before Christmas, if you're at home, you may be stuck watching the last of the inevitable Christmas TV programmes all the while wondering what on earth you're going to do with a dishful of leftover sprouts and a turkey leg. 

Well in my home at the moment, we've somehow done both of the above. He's gone to work for a couple of hours, as he said "to show my face" and I'm the one at home wondering what to do for dinner. I'm fairly resourceful so we'll see what I can come up with. 

Still, while I have a little quiet and the place to myself, I'm going to take full advantage and not only add a new post on here, but also start thinking about my resolutions for the new year. Like everybody else, I like to make a list of resolutions, though, I admit, I may not end up keeping to all of them. 

I like to think I am practical when it comes to making resolutions, it is pointless saying "I'm going to join the gym" because in all honesty, if you stick it out for a month, you've done well. I know some who will go just once and give up after that. 

I like to choose to do a number of things, a couple of things for others, such as charity work (I'm a volunteer for AGE UK Notts), a couple of more practical things like baking more often and learning to love the freezer, and lastly, a couple of more selfish ones that are just for me, like resolving to be published. 

Let me explain my thoughts. I have always been one of those people that will do anything for anyone, for no reward, nor thanks, I just want to help, and if I am able to, I do. I don't help because I want recognition for it, nor do I help to get something in return. I just want to do what I can to make somebody else's life a little easier. As I noted, I am a volunteer for AGE UK Notts. I act as a telephone befriender, and I call my service user once a week for a natter. I'm helping to stave off the lonliness for my service user, even if it just for a short while and I actually really enjoy chatting with her. 

I am the least selfish person I know, and making the resolutions purely for myself is possibly the most selfish thing I can do. So yes, one of my resolutions is to be published in 2020, either in E-book or paperback, or even both if I can. That will be me standing up and doing something for myself. I'm sure it will do my self esteeem the world of good too. 

As for the rest of my resolutions, we'll just have to wait and see! 

Right, I'm off to make a cup of coffee (writer's must have!) and I have some work to do. AS always, take care, stay safe and Keep Reading!

See you on the next blog x

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