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Hello everyone, yes, I'm back again. I just want to pass a message along to say to all of you, whether you're working, self isolating, vulnerable or otherwise engaged, please take care of each other and yourselves with regards to the spreading of the coronavirus. 

Please take special care to wash your hands, but more than anything else, look after those who need help the most. Make sure your neighbours are ok, make sure your friends and family are doing fine. Take care of yourself. 

Please stop panic buying products though. There's no actual need for this. All you're doing by panic buying products is ensuring that those who need the items more than you do can't have them. That is selfish and if you have stockpiled items, please ask yourself why? What are you going to do with the 300 toilet rolls, 50 cans of baked beans and 15 jars of coffee? 

Self isolation does not mean you cannot leave your home. Self isolation is more related to social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Please be sensible. 

Stay safe, take care and as always, Keep Reading! x


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