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Late Nights, Early Mornings

New York has always been described as a 'City that never sleeps'. Sitting at my tiny computer desk, tucked into the corner of our bedroom at 0245 on a Sunday morning, I can say the same for London. 

There's less traffic - periodically a night bus (not quite as cool as the one in the HP books) will pass, taking the remnants of Saturday nights revellers home, or a moped will buzz and wheeze its way up the hill close by, gears straining as it buzzes past up the road.

A few cars and vans pass - odd to think that there's almost as many people starting their day as there is ending their's. So where do I fit into all this? My insomnia has kept me awake since 0130. My sensible self knows I should be in bed asleep, its now 0250, what am I doing writing a blog post into my newly formed Writer's Journal?

Truth is, my writer's mind wouldn't shut off, even as I finished reading chapter 19 of "Midnight Sun" (review will be a few days yet) and put my bookmark into place. The only way for me to sleep now is to write down my thoughts and guess about the lives of those getting on or off the bus that has just pulled up at the stop outside, what is it that's bringing them out tonight, or should I now say 'this morning'?

I know I'm likely to oversleep again if I don't set an alarm, but it is Sunday and what's a reasonable time to wake up on a Sunday? Guess that depends on what you did the night before. 

I should note that I'm alone tonight so my middle of the early hours musing hasn't disturbed my other half's sleep, though I think he would be disturned to know that I've been writing this at such a silly o'clock in the morning. Finally yawning at a little after 0300, I think I'll head back to bed. Most people count sheep when they can't sleep; Writer's, well me anyway, write blogs in journals to type up when they eventually wake up in the morning!

I won't be counting my speeling, grammar and punctuation errors. I have a sleep deprived excuse and I'm sticking to it!

How do you sign off something written in the small hours? Good Night? Good Morning? Well whatever it is, I hope you have a good one and I'll see you in a few hours when I'm awake and have coffee. X

P.S. I woke up at 0830.

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