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It's Snowing!!

Good Morning! Welcome back.

If you haven't already guessed by the title of this, it is finally snowing in London. Not just any snow either, this is the kind that settles and makes a beautiful white blanket all over, making it look like everything is ok with the world. 

Since I was a child, the one thing I have always loved to do is watch the snow come down. Even better, is when it is doing what it's doing now, the big snowflakes falling softly but thickly to the ground. 

I know, snow on the ground is all well and good until it begins to melt and then freezes, turning even the most regular paths into veritable skating rinks, and the risks of broken and bruised limbs is an ever present problem, but just for 5 minutes looks out of your windows, watch the snow fall and take in a deep breath. When the snow falls, all is right with the world, there's nothing but the calm that snowfall can bring. 

Actually, the snow here caught me by surprise. One minute I'm munching toast and making plans for my days writing, nothing in the sky but grey clouds and what looked to be the threat of rain, the next thing, I look up and there's huge snowflakes falling! The child in me squeaked and got all excited by the snow, whereas the adult in me, even one of my age (not sure I'm that old) had a minor panic moment and vowed not to go out for fear of slipping over and hurting myself. Not to mention, my snowboots are not something I have handy to wear.

Call me sappy, but I think there's something romantic about being snuggled up in the warm with your loved ones, mugs of hot chocolate (with whippy cream and marshmallows). 

Right, I have some writing to do, and a mug of coffee to make. Stay safe, stay warm, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading xx 

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