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'Books, books everywhere, and not a single one to read...'

Ever had that feeling that you really want to make a note of something, write something down for later, but your brain has completley blanked out and you can't actually remember what you wanted to write down? You have? Good. At least its not just me then.

To the uninitiated, this occurance is put down (commonly) to one of three things; age (we all have those moments), a certain hair color (I've had a few of those moments as well), and possibly my favorite reason - how much you drank last night! I'm sure we have all had nights like that!

To a Writer/Author these moments can drive you to distraction. It is often these moments of slight meltdown of the "Little Grey Cells" as Monsiour Poirot would say, that is sometimes referred to as Writers' Block. Of this I am sometimes afflicted. I have been known to give myself a headache trying hard to remember what it was I wanted to write down!

I've had one of my meltdowns just recently, bad enough that I have upped the number of writing pads I have near me at all times, my dictaphone is on standby and even my mother is armed and ready! (or is that pencilled!!) To say the least, I have around 15 (yes that's right) notebooks scattered around my home and even 2 or 3 on my bed ready in case I wake up in the night and just have to scribble!

On the plus side, the latest meltdown has passed (thankfully) and I am back on form. My 2nd novel, "Black Widower" is taking shape nicely and I'm also drafting notes on at least 3 others - now you see why I have so many notebooks!

I've also managed to catch up on some more reading, and I've added a few more books to my reading lists which I hope you are enjoying.

I'll catch up again soon, so keep reading!

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