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December already!

Hi everyone, can you believe that it is only 21 days to Christmas? I can't that's for sure! I've been so busy on and off for the past few weeks that I don't know where the weeks are going! This year has gone really fast for me, I've had highs and lows but I'm still working on my novels and I'm planning trips for the new year that see me going to Cardiff for a book launch of a close friend of mine, before jetting off to Oregon in November to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family.

As it is the season of goodwill to all men, I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my website over the past few months. I'm told that it has been viewed a surprising (to me anyway) 1300 times since I launched it at the beginning of July! Anyone who knows me, knows i'm not the most technical minded soul, and I know that this isn't perhaps the most flashy and fabulous of sites, but it reflects me in its quirkyness and I love it! so again, a huge thank you to all of you! As they say, from humble beginnings do great things grow and I'm hoping that the same is going to prove correct for me. I may be starting small, finding my feet in the world of novels and publishing and running this site, but this is only the beginning and I hope you'll all stay with me and watch as things get bigger.

I was on the bus going home from work and I got talking to a fellow passenger. you know how it goes, you both share sympathies for the cold weather and enquire politely as to whether the other has had a busy day, or (in my case) whether my book was any good that I was reading. It was a good book. So good in fact that if it wasn't for my tuned in "oooh my stop" radar, I'm sure I'd ended up doing a circuit back to town again (believe me, in the traffic jams I've been facing, that would not have been a good prospect!). Well? What were you reading? I can hear you ask. I was reading a book by Carole Matthews, "Summer Daydreams". I can quite safely say that I haven't giggled so much at a book in a while. Usually I'm reading a crime novel so giggling isn't appropriate. Anyway, in the midst of polite conversation, the lady sat with me asked what I do for a living. Used to the intrigued look, raised eyebrow and the "What's that then?" question I inevitably get when I mention my day job, I casually answered "I'm a writer." What I didn't expect was the reaction from the lady. "Oh my god! Really? For Real? Wow!" She was all but bouncing up and down on the seat with barely contained excitment! I was sitting there, smiling but at the same time mentally checking that I hadn't just told her that I'd won the lottery! Rule number one - don't mention the W word unless prepared to spend the next 20 minutes of the journey home being put through more paces than a contestant on Mastermind! I'm not kidding - by the time the bus reached my stop, I felt like I'd just sat the longest interview of my life!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind telling people I'm a writer, I'm proud of it even, I was just caught unawares by the excited passenger whom I fairly sure thought she was sitting next to an Author she'd actually heard of! Haha!!

until next time, take care everyone, be safe and keep reading!

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