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It's Christmas!!

Can you believe it is christmas already? Where has this year gone?

I'm all up to date, presents bought and wrapped, even distributed in the right places! All I need to do tomorrow is kick back and relax!

I said relax didn't I? I actually meant to say I'll be writing, which I will be. that is the joy of not going anywhere on Christmas Day, and also being on my own at Christmas. It means that I can relax (it'll be quiet that's for sure) and I can settle down to work on my novels. I like writing during the holidays, the world is generally more peaceful - I know, not everywhere, and I can speand some time just doing what I do best. I can write. I should add here that I'm not a slave to my laptop; oh no, I actually handwrite a lot of my novels before I put them onto my screen. I'm a little old fashioned that way.

for me, there is nothing better than opeing a new notebook - it has to have good lined paper in it, and have my favorite pen in hand and just write out whatever is in my head at the time. To think I'm rubbish when it comes to keeping a diary!!

Still, with my plans in place, I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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