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January blues anyone?

I was all geared up for a white Christmas, 'Its a wonderful life' on DVD at the ready, thick blankets on the bed, popcorn and all sorts, but does it snow - no. I go back to my 'day job' at the office and no more than two weeks after Christmas does the world turn white! don't get me wrong, I love the snow, there's just something about it - the whole world just seems right somehow. I even enjoy watching it snow...when I'm inside and warm and have zero plans to go out anywhere....for oh, I don't know, maybe the next week!

What I don't enjoy is the early morning scrape off of my car - numb fingers because I can't hold my de-icer or scraper if I have them on, cold ears because I look a proper nelly in a hat and the ritual that is the ice dance fantastique that even Nottingham's famous Skating pair would be proud of (I'm fairly sure I mastered the triple salko last year!) - what I should mention is that my ritual ice dance takes place as I am a) trying to get from my home to my car and b) when I finally have the car door open and I'm then trying to get in and having no luck gripping on the frozen ground!

How about you? Do you fair any better in snow? Is it Snow heaven or snow hell? drop me a line and let me know!

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