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Hi everyone, can you believe it is March already? Where is this year going?

Well, never mind all that, I have exciting times ahead and I wanted to share some of that news with you! As you've probably already noticed, I've launched a preview picture of the cover design for my debut novel, "Confessions Of Revenge" designed by Ida Jansson of Amygdala Design, I love the result!

My book may not be in print just yet, but that doesn't mean to say that I haven't had the biggest buzz seeing my name on a book cover!

One last sweep through my manuscript to make sure that I haven't made any (or too many) rookie mistakes and then I'll be sending it off for consideration. Wish me luck!

I've always been told to keep a weather eye open for the signs that the time is right to do something, and those signs have been coming thick and fast! I was unsure as to how ready I was to take that huge step in sending my manuscript off to be read, but seeing Ida's design for my book cover has given me the confidence boost I needed, so hold on to your book vouchers, because here comes the first in what I hope to be many books!

In the meantime, take care, stay safe, but maost of all, Keep reading!

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