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Hey everyone, 

just a reminder to check out my new mini series, 'Me, Myself & I' featured in my NaNoWriMo articles section of the site. 

Parts one and two are live now!

Stay safe, enjoy and as always, Keep Reading!


Hello everyone, yes, I'm back again. I just want to pass a message along to say to all of you, whether you're working, self isolating, vulnerable or otherwise engaged, please take care of each other and yourselves with regards to the spreading of the coronavirus. 

Please take special care to wash your hands, but more than anything else, look after those who need help the most. Make sure your neighbours are ok, make sure your friends and family are doing fine. Take care of yourself. 

Please stop panic buying products though. There's no actual need for this. All you're doing by panic buying products is ensuring that those who need the items more than you do can't have them. That is selfish and if you have stockpiled items, please ask yourself why? What are you going to do with the 300 toilet rolls, 50 cans of baked beans and 15 jars of coffee? 

Self isolation does not mean you cannot leave your home. Self isolation is more related to social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Please be sensible. 

Stay safe, take care and as always, Keep Reading! x


Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog. 

This is going to be one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' posts I believe. Let me explain. As I type this post, it is 01:22 in the morning (UK time) and I'm nursing a small cup of milky coffee. 

Why am I awake/still awake? I have insomnia - a little something extra I inherited from my mother. Add in the bonus of a garden variety cold (I get bunged up every time I lay down to sleep) and here I am. 

Of course there are pros and cons to this scenario. Pro - I can concentrate and get some work done. Con - I can't sleep for more than a couple or 3 hours without waking up and staying awake afterwards for numerous hours (over 4 hours a night for the past couple of nights and I'm halfway to that again tonight). Pro - I can get a little more up to date on my reading ahead of my next book review being done, con - the lack of sleep is making me a grumpy butt, as the other half has discovered. 

I'm now fairly certain that I would need to sleep for approximately a month to get the requsite amount of beauty sleep required to put right the shadows forming under my eyes as I type! 

While working when unable to sleep can be useful to reduce an expanding to-do list, is it practical? Depends on your viewpoint. When I was finishing the draft of my novel, "Confessions of Revenge", I was wide awake until sometime 3 in the morning ans would be having text conversations with my dad who works as a night shift truck driver - we'd message each other on his breaks. Having company, even via text message was nice, I didn't feel quite so alone, and there's the con - the lonliness of the early hours. 

The main road outside is always busy during the day, always a seemingly endless stream of traffic heading in either direction, but at this time in the morning the traffic isn't there. Don't get me wrong, there are the odd cars passing by, but nothing like the daytime. 

The lonliness of being awake at this time of the morning can be astounding. I don't recommend this to anyone to try it and see, despite the work I'm doing, the chapters I may be finishing, this just isn't fun. 

Thankfully my other half is one that can sleep through just about anything and I'm sure he'll look fresh as a whole bunch of daisies in the morning while I'm busy looking like I've been preparing my look for this year's halloween. I swear if I was planning to fly somewhere, I would be charged excess baggage for the bags under my eyes alone!

So the moral of this story? Don't try staying up till the early hours to work - it may help for a chapter or two, but your family may not like the grumpy, sleep deprived version of you that they are faced with in the morning. I plan to take my own advice and go to bed and get some sleep. I'm sure you'll thank me for it later. 

Goodnight (or Good morning), stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, it's great to see you. 


I apologise for being tardy, I was all set to post a blog last week and then found myself laid up with the Flu! it has really taken until now to start getting myself back on my feet again - i'm still more than a little tired though.

All of my lovely plans for last week, while I had some annual leave from my day job, went well and truly out of the window and i've been spending the last few days scrambling to rearrange plans and find a new plan of attack. This is of course, all in prep for my move to London in a few weeks/months at the latest. Hopefully tomorrow marks the beginning of my moving plans coming together, but I'll keep you posted. 

I'm pleased to say I finished my third assignment on my writing course and I'm in the process of writing my fourth assignment - the Flu kind of knocked the stuffing out of me though, so i had a break from everything last week while I stayed snuggled up in my duvet!

ok, short visit from me this time. I've had a long day and i'm ready to put my feet up and rest. 

Until next time, stay safe, take care and as always, Keep Reading! x

2020!! Welcome to a new year on my blog. 

I'm feeling really good about this year, I'm working on a new project at the moment that my other half suggested during a drive last week - a Cookbook! Needless to say my other half is very much looking forward to testing out all of the recipes going into the book, including the Chocolate cake I made today! He's bonkers for chocolate so my other half is a happy boy today! 

I'm planning to include the recipes that make me happy, that bring good memories and that I hope will make everybody happy when they make them. 

Don't worry, I'll let you know how I'm getting along with the new venture. In the meantime, I'm off to get some dinner (another of my best recipes) and I'll catch up again with you soon. 

Take care, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x