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Welcome back to my blog. This time I wanted to talk to you about something new I've been doing over the last few years. Bi-annual resolutions. Everybody sets themselves some good old fashioned New Year's Resolutions, but how many of you think to refresh them around the time of your birthday? 

This was something I thought about a few years ago when approaching a birthday and contemplating what it was that I had actually achieved in the 12 months prior. I'm sad to say that at the time, I didn't feel as though I had achieved anything and decided to try and change that, so my Bi-annual resolutions were born.

I'm lucky that my birthday (which happened to be Wednesday just gone) is in the middle of the year, so as I'm already half way through the calendar year, it seems fitting to refresh my resolutions now. I know people who's birthdays fall on New Year's day so this idea won't work for them as such, but this is what I do.

I set myself New Year Resolutions for the calendar year, January to December. I look at the kinds of things that I would like to do during that 12 month period of time. Now this could be read more books, write memoirs, lose weight and so on. For me, mine for the calendar year included completing a new homecourse and I'm doing just that at the moment, having completed one diploma course and now working on a second. Then as my birthday approaches, I begin to think about the Birthday Year (June to June for me) and what it is that I want to feel like I have achieved before my age goes up a number. Sometimes these resolutions may be similar to the New Year's ones, especially if I feel like I'm not perhaps making the progress I wanted to. Mostly though I set myself life goals that I want to have done something by the time I reach X age.

Yes, I might include losing a stone or two, or getting a dog, or starting a family. The resolutions I make for my Birthday Year are a lot more personal to me as a person and not so general as the calendar year goals. The Birthday Year resolutions are much more life affirming to me and what I want to get out of my life. I want to be able to say that I have really achieved something. I plan to make my move to London and the South of England permanent in the coming weeks and this has been not only a New Year Resolution but a Birthday one too as I know that this will be achieved. I also plan to set a new exercise regime, I plan to lose weight not just for health but for me. I want to get a new pet, I'm craving a furbaby (cat or dog or rabbit) so I hope to make that happen - though the other half isn't sure.

I also plan to be brave in the coming months. I plan to be brave enough to put my work out there, whether into Publishers or KDP - I'm a writer and I want the world to know it!

I'm at the age now when things can change for the better and I am determined to make that happen. I don't want to spend time stuck in the past, and spend my future thinking what if or if only. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but has a habit of booting your butt when you least expect it. So keep your eyes peeled ladies and gents, Emma James is coming!

2020 has not started how I thought it would, all these weeks in lockdown have changed an awful lot, how we all shop, how we all interact with each other, how we do just about everything. We have all taken so much for granted without seeming to realise it until we can no longer do what we wanted to do as easily as before. Adjusting has been hard for everyone, but we're British, resilient and determined to not let things beat us.

So tell me, If you were going to make a Birthday Year Resolution (or two), what would they be? I'll leave you to think on it.

Take care, stay safe, look after each other, and as always, Keep Reading x  

Good Morning! I feel like I need to whisper as I type this at the moment as it is currently 05:40 here, so very early, and I've been awake for nearly an hour. 

A few things have changed since I updated you guys in May, so I want to take some time to go through those with you.

The other half and I have been making some changes around the home, notably our outside space which was in need of some love and TLC. Fresh paint on the walls, ceiling and floor have really brightened up the balcony and the railings have had a fresh coat of paint too. Just the finishing touches to add. 

I've been busy working on new projects too. I'm working on my writing course assignment, but I'm not happy with the way my story is coming on so I need to start over and try a different way of writing it to see if that works better.

In keeping with my theme of continuing to work on my resolutions from new year, which include learning someting new, I signed up to complete a Genealogy Diploma course. I was given a free course alongside which directs you through how to get the most out of your learning, no matter what the course is and I'm pleased to say I passed that mini course with a score of 96% (distinction) and Merit grade - not too bad even if I do say so! I've ordered the reading material for the main course as at 11 modules, it is a lot of on screen reading and that wwill just make me tired. Having the modules on paper means I can read and make notes as I go along almost with ease. 

Wish me luck with my new Diploma course - I'll let you know how I get on. 

Oh goodness! I apologise if you heard my jaw crack when I yawned just now - how rude of me - I have a feeling today is going to be a day filled with plenty of coffee to keep me going, possibly a lap or two around the living room and balcony for really is far too early for all this malarky!

On that note, I will leave you to it for the day, whatever you're doing, stay safe, look after yourselves and others. 

Take Care, and as always, Keep Reading! x


Good Morning! Happy Bank Holiday Friday! 

Yes, the country is still on lockdown (hardly surprising really), but it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the glorious sunshine! My weekend is consisting of repainting/renovating the balcony - our tiny little outdoor space. The plan is to make it a tiny little oasis of calm, painted a soothing neutral color and accented with a teal rug, a bistro seating area and potted fragrant plants like Lavender, Lily of the Valley and herbs. I'm also hoping that the balcony will be a new writing space for me, somewhere I can relax while writing one of my new books.

I'm in the planning a drafting stage of writing 2 new books - a mini series with a ghostly theme with the 2nd book following on from the 1st. I'm not giving spoilers, you'll just have to keep your eyes open for more updates. I also have 2 further books in the pipelines, just very early on with those at the moment and I keep going back to other drafts I have been working on when more ideas spring to mind. 

Yes it seems like I have a lot going on, but what you have to remember is that if I get "blocked" when working on one piece I will move onto the next project and go back and forth between them as ideas pop up. It is also why I keep notebooks for different ideas - I don't muddle them up when working on them. 

How are you guys getting along in lockdown? Are you planning to take advantage of the sun and get out into your gardens (if you have one)? Well whatever you're doing, stay safe, remember to use social distancing (to your advantage!) and protect yourselves and medical services.

Take care, and as always, Keep Reading x

just some beautiful flowers to brighten your day x


Happy Easter everyone! Welcome back to the blog.

As you can see from the picture, I’ve had a delivery of books. I’m ridiculously excited about the two new Matthew Reilly’s I have – I absolutely love his books and it is all I can do not to skip past the books to read ahead of the new ones and jump straight in with those!

My third instalment of ‘Me, Myself & I’ is live in NaNoWriMo articles, so check it out if you haven’t already.

I don’t know about you, but this weekend for me is all about relaxing as much as able to, catching up on reading my next book for the reviews and just taking some time to be me. I’ve been working on my 4th assignment with my course and I’ll be doing some more on that over the next few days as I’m on leave from work for the next week. Do I wish I could go out and walk in the park, feed the ducks, and maybe go and do a little retail therapy? Yes of course, but I plan to be a good girl and stay home as instructed.

I plan to be as busy as a person can be while doing absolutely nothing. You know, the kind of busy doing nothing that makes you feel exhausted even though you’ve not lifted a finger?

So I’m keeping this short and sweet this week, I have plans to keep!

Stay home, stay safe, take care of yourselves and Keep Reading!