New Monthly 5 Book Review

Hello everyone, I just aplolgise for the long delay in posting a new review. I've become a little tardy with my reading and was falling behind!

So, my first review for September is the Lochguard Dragon series by Jessie Donovan. Not heard of her? I hadn't either until a link came up on facebook. I decided to give her books a go and I can honestly say, I really enjoy them.

Jessie's books are E-Books so only available on reading devices and tablets and all of her books can be purchased through the Google Play store (where I get mine from), and are ususally a good price too.

Theses books will really appeal to those of you who like fantasy romance books. These have the right amount of adventure and action to keep them interesting and Jessie's own sense of humour really shines through when you read some of the brilliant one liners scattered throughout.

I like the fact that these books, rather than standing alone, are a series that really does follow on from one another. The ongoing storyline, interspersed with the individual stories of the couples makes these good reads and allow the readers to become involved with the characters and become invested into the plot. Easy to read means that you can easily read these in the evening before bed and not feel over-taxed before you sleep.

I like the way Jesie has written her characters, and more of their personalities come out, the more books into the series that you read.

A definite read for fans of Nalini Singh and Terry Spear, especially if you like "Shifter" novels. A 4 book score from me. I would recommend you read these and keep them around. You'll want to go back and read them again.

Roll back Monday alert! Hands up if you can remember the Point Horror books from the 90's? (Me!)Hand's up if you owned any of these books? (Me again!)

For those of you that don't remember, the Point Horror series of books were designed for young adults, a way to get them into reading something a little different, a little scary, but without scarring them for life.

I loved them from the time I first started collecting them. I can remember the price here in the uk was either £2.99 or £3.50 depending on which book it was. I can still remember the first 2 books I bought from a school book fair in 1994, I bought "The Window" and "Halloween night 2". I was so excited to have my own first "Point Horror" books, like those that my class mates had.

The "Point Horror" series of books featured numerous Authors like R L Stein, Diane Hoh, Barbara Steiner and many more.

I read mine over and over, I had a few favourites, a soft spot for the two first ones I bought, but I did like "The Train" by Diane Hoh and "Twins" by Caroline B Cooney (if memory serves).

Do you ever think it is funny how you suddenly remember things when you're least expecting it? Like each book having a tag line to the title. "Funhouse" was 'You could die laughing' and so on. I could list all of them at one point - I was younger at the time.

I had around 45 of the "Point Horror" series at the time I donated them to a local charity shop - I deemed myself far too old to be reading young adult novels like those once I moved into my own place.

Did you have any favourites? Do you remember any old book series that have fallen out of fashion? let me know and I might feature them in an upcoming blog.

Enjoy and as always, Keep Reading!

You can't have a set of Horror book reviews without this classic tale being listed - that would be criminal!

Here's the twist. "Frankenstein" is the only book on the list that I haven't actually read! Don't get me wrong, I do own a copy of it, but I just haven't been able to get into it enough to actually read it.

How many of you out there fall for the trap that "Frankenstein" refers to the monster? go on, admit it - i won't laugh too much. Well if you did think this, you're wrong. "Frankenstein" is actually the Doctor who created the monster, his 'creation'. Over the years of course, the name "Frankenstein" has become synonomous with the monster himself and so the cycle continues.

Whilst I'm guilty of not actually reading the book, I have seen good adaptations made for TV, a good one was (I believe) directed and starred Kenneth Brannagh.

What I like about "Frankenstein" is the story about how the book came about. One story I've heard is that Mary and her husband were holding a gathering at their home and a bad storm appeared, maening that guests weren't able to go home. The power cut out and the group were left using candles to see by.

As a way to entertain the party, Mary and her husband came up with the idea of telling stories to the group and they all began taking turns, telling ghost stories and horror stories, generally scaring each other silly (you'd be scared too with the wind howling, rain lashing down, thunder and lightning going off).

Anyway, after all of the reset of the group had had a turn, it was getting late, but the group persuaded Mary to have her turn. Mary set on and told this story of a Doctor who was fascinated in resurection and creating life, desperate to know if he could create life from death. Mary told how this Doctor had bodies stolen from new graves so that he could use the parts that he needed to be able to create his being of great size and strength, using the best parts he could get from the cadavers.

The guests at the party were scared silly by Mary's story (she'd made it up on the spot as well) and they encouraged her to write it down, saying that many others would be interested and want to read it. Mary wasn't sure, after all, it wasn't heard of for a woman to be published in those times. But Mary wrote down her story and eventually, the book was published and over time, became the book we know today.

I'm not going to give this a rating (not fair to as I haven't read it), so I'll let you decide. Read the book, then let me know what rating you would give "Frankenstein".


Hey everyone, So the 2nd of Stphen King's novels to reach the reviews this month is "Carrie". Like many of Stephen King's novels, "Carrie" was turned into a movie (the older film is the best) starring Sissy Spacek in the title role as the girl that discovers that she is telekinetic and uses this to full affect against those who bully and ridicule her.

I like this book for a couple of reasons, 1) I kind of wished I had those powers against those who bullied and ridiculed me at school and 2) Its a Stephen King book, what is not to like?

This is one of those books that I read as a teen and then went on to see the movie some years later - the ending made me jump!

For me, "Carrie" isn't just a horror story, it is the story of a girl, treated like an outsider, bullied at school and the strength she shows in overcoming that, (even if it is using telekinesis).

A 3 book rating from me, I'd definitely add this to your reading list if you haven't already.

My next book for February is "Thinner" by Stephen King. Although Mr King is a master of the Horror genre, this is the first of only 2 entries in this months list as I would find it far to easy to sit here and list each of his books and rave about the merits of each one.

Whilst I understand that "Thinner" has recently been adapted into a TV show, I haven't actually seen it. (I know, you're surprised, right?)

I read this book for the first time about 5 years ago after I bought the book in a charity shop (one of the best places to pick up a good book, but that is is a whole new story). Reading the blurb, the book sounded different to Mr King's usual books, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Thinner" was originally published in 1984 under Mr King's pseudenym, Richard Bachman and tells the story of a Lawyer who finds himself cursed by a gypsy after his failure to pay attention while driving leads to the death of an old lady and because of his connections, getting away with it. As the title of the novel suggests, the lawyer soon finds himself getting thinner everyday and he has to track down the gypsy that cursed him.

"Thinner" isn't the scariest novel that I've read of Stephen King, but I like the suspense factor, whether the lawyer will find the gypsy, and if he does, will he convince the gypsy to release the curse? The twist in the ending will surprise you.

a 3 book rating from me. "Thinner" is a book that whilse I enjoyed reading it, I feel like I've read it once, and may not want to read it again for a while. Well worth it though if you're a fan of Stephen King.