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"Four Legendary Kingdoms" by Matthew Reilly

My next November review belongs to "Four Legendary Kingdoms" by Matthew Reilly.

I'm a huge fan of Matthew's novels. I love the fast paced action throughout and this book is no exception.

Fans Of Matthew Reilly will  be familiar with his two main characters, Jack West Jnr and Captain Shane Schofield. Matthew has also written a few stand alone novel, all as good as ever.

For years, fans have been begging Matthem to write his two main characters (they have their own series apiece) into a book and this is it!! Finally, Huntsmand and Scarecrow come face to face and the result is amazing action that just doesn't disappoint.

You are very aware from the beginning that this is a Jack West Jnr novel with all of the usual characters and so on. then you get subtle introductions to a Marine and his companions. I actually squealed when my guess was right as to who it was and the ongoing action and twists in the plot keep you hooked to the last page.

I like the way the books seamlessly bring you quick paced action with flashbacks to the earlier books and whoosh, you're back in the present and honestly feel like you're right in there with the characters.

If you haven't yet read any of Matthew's books, I highly recommend them. The Jack West Jnr series is as follows (in reading order);

"Seven Ancient Wonders"

"Six Sacred Stones"

"The Five Greatest Warriors"

"Four Legendary Kingdoms"

There is also a short prequel story online which tells the story as to how Jack found his helmet.

Captain Shane Schofield is featured in these books (Not in reading order);

"Ice Station"


"Hell Island" - short story

"Area 7"

"Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves"

Matthew Reilly stand alone novels;


"Hover Car Racer"

"The Greatest Zoo in China"

...and many more!

I can happily give "Four Legendary Kingdoms" (and the rest!) a 5 book review. I love them, I love the fast paced action and that I've re read them countless times shows you how much I enjoy the books. I would encourage you all to try them - trust me, you won't regret it!

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