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"The Casual Vacancy" by J K Rowling

My 4th review this month comes in the shape of "The Casual Vacancy" also by J K Rowling.

A complete change of pace from her Harry Potter novels, J K takes us on a trip to a sleepy village where the neighbours are nosy and the most exciting thing to happen for a while (well since the slightly dodgy estate was built) is that one of the local parish councillors dies suddenly and leaves this "Casual Vacancy" that needs to be filled.

What ensues through the book is an interwoven tale of bitching and backstabbing, nosy neighbours and revenge pranks...but the action seems really slow to happen. After the intial chapter is out of the way, the pace really slows down and I found it actually hard going at times to stay with the book long enough to see what was going to happen and whether or not that vacancy would actually be filled.

Having known J K for her Harry Potter novels that we've all come to know and love, I was surprised by the real turn around in this one. I can see how J K was trying to bring out a book that would get her known for something other than being the creator of Harry Potter, and I understand why - its like an actor being typecast in certain types of roles (Remember the surprise we all had when Jim Carrey starred in "The Number 23"?)

I'm glad I read the book, but sadly, this is not one that I would want to read again, the action was just a little too off beat for me and for this reason, I'm giving "the Casual Vacancy" a 2 book rating.

As always, this is just my opinion and is in no way meant to sway your personal reading choices. You might read the book and absolutley love it.

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