New Monthly 5 Book Review

"The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

Hi everyone, welcome to December's book review.

I'm going to kick things off this month with one of the biggest book series to grace our collective bookcases - "The Hunger Games" series of novels by Suzanne Collins.

If you don't think you've heard of the books, you'll almost certainly have heard of the movies starring Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson and co.

We're introduced to a futuristic world (who knows how far in the future) where thanks to an almighty "uprising" or civil war, the country is divided into 12 districts (13 at first but that district was destroyed).

Each year, the remaining districts are forced to volunteer one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 & 16 to be taken away to the Capitol to compete in an arena, in a fight to the death (a little like the gladiator fights in ancient Rome) as a way to remind the people of the cost of their freedom.

Of course, "The Hunger Games" tells you that this is the 74th annual games, so you can only imagine what life has been like in these districts for the last 73 years.

In the meantime, we're introduced to Katniss Everdeen and her family, best friend Gale and a number of other colourful characters. When Katniss' sister has her name read out to be the "tribute" from district 12, Katniss volunteers in her place. Along with Peeta Mellark, Katniss is taken to the Capitol where she and Peeta are thrust into an arena with 22 other tributes from the other districts, and left to fight for their lives.

In a slight twist, the head "game" maker, Seneca Crane makes the announcemen that in a one off rule change, two tributes can win if they are both from the same district. Katniss gets hope that she can find Peeta and then they can both go home as long as they survive to the end of the games.

Just when you think it is all going well, Katniss and Peeta are indeed the last ones standing, the rule change is revoked. Katniss, being the headstrong young woman that she is, is determined that either both she and Peeta go home or they will boith die, either way defying the President and the Capitol.

Katniss and Peeta's story is continued in the novels that follow:

Catching Fire


I love the way the books are written. I get chills when reading them, like I'm in the action as well and lliving the same life that the characters are and become genuinely afraid during their time in the arena whilst thinking I'm just glad it isn't me.

Like the "Harry Potter" novels, some people have read the books and then watched the movies, the same can be said for "The  Hunger Games" books, you may have read them first, or watched the movies first. Either way, the novels are a treat and I would recommend them in a second.

I give this series a 4 book review - I really like them and I've already read them at least twice!

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