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"Divergent" by Veronica Roth

My next review for this month is on the "Divergent" series of novels by Veronica Roth. Another trilogy ("Insurgent" and "Allegient" being the other two), the books tell the story of Tris and her family trying to survice in another futuristic world.

This time, we see the city of Chicago segregated in 'factions'. These 'factions' (Candor, Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite and Amity) are meant to be tailored to your personality. The selfless are Abnegation, the brave, Dauntless and so on.

We see Ttris being put through a number of tests that are meant to determine which of the factions that she will be spending the rest of her life in. But there's a problem, Tris doesn't favor one or another, she favors all of them, making her Divergent. 

To try and hide this, Tris joins the Dauntless faction and is put through more training and tests, but is found out and along with a small group of friends has to fight to survive.

I like this series, I found the books really easy to get into and the futuristic world protrayed is believable. It's easy to sympathise with your favorite characters and you'll want to read the books over and over.

These books, like the "Hunger Games" franchise have also been turned in popular movies.

I give the "Divergent" series a 4 book rating. Really good books, I would recommend them. These are good to read as a young adult or an adult.

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