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"Thinner" by Stephen King

My next book for February is "Thinner" by Stephen King. Although Mr King is a master of the Horror genre, this is the first of only 2 entries in this months list as I would find it far to easy to sit here and list each of his books and rave about the merits of each one.

Whilst I understand that "Thinner" has recently been adapted into a TV show, I haven't actually seen it. (I know, you're surprised, right?)

I read this book for the first time about 5 years ago after I bought the book in a charity shop (one of the best places to pick up a good book, but that is is a whole new story). Reading the blurb, the book sounded different to Mr King's usual books, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Thinner" was originally published in 1984 under Mr King's pseudenym, Richard Bachman and tells the story of a Lawyer who finds himself cursed by a gypsy after his failure to pay attention while driving leads to the death of an old lady and because of his connections, getting away with it. As the title of the novel suggests, the lawyer soon finds himself getting thinner everyday and he has to track down the gypsy that cursed him.

"Thinner" isn't the scariest novel that I've read of Stephen King, but I like the suspense factor, whether the lawyer will find the gypsy, and if he does, will he convince the gypsy to release the curse? The twist in the ending will surprise you.

a 3 book rating from me. "Thinner" is a book that whilse I enjoyed reading it, I feel like I've read it once, and may not want to read it again for a while. Well worth it though if you're a fan of Stephen King.   

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