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Roll back Monday alert! Hands up if you can remember the Point Horror books from the 90's? (Me!)Hand's up if you owned any of these books? (Me again!)

For those of you that don't remember, the Point Horror series of books were designed for young adults, a way to get them into reading something a little different, a little scary, but without scarring them for life.

I loved them from the time I first started collecting them. I can remember the price here in the uk was either £2.99 or £3.50 depending on which book it was. I can still remember the first 2 books I bought from a school book fair in 1994, I bought "The Window" and "Halloween night 2". I was so excited to have my own first "Point Horror" books, like those that my class mates had.

The "Point Horror" series of books featured numerous Authors like R L Stein, Diane Hoh, Barbara Steiner and many more.

I read mine over and over, I had a few favourites, a soft spot for the two first ones I bought, but I did like "The Train" by Diane Hoh and "Twins" by Caroline B Cooney (if memory serves).

Do you ever think it is funny how you suddenly remember things when you're least expecting it? Like each book having a tag line to the title. "Funhouse" was 'You could die laughing' and so on. I could list all of them at one point - I was younger at the time.

I had around 45 of the "Point Horror" series at the time I donated them to a local charity shop - I deemed myself far too old to be reading young adult novels like those once I moved into my own place.

Did you have any favourites? Do you remember any old book series that have fallen out of fashion? let me know and I might feature them in an upcoming blog.

Enjoy and as always, Keep Reading!

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