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"The Lochguard Dragon" series by Jessie Donovan

Hello everyone, I just aplolgise for the long delay in posting a new review. I've become a little tardy with my reading and was falling behind!

So, my first review for September is the Lochguard Dragon series by Jessie Donovan. Not heard of her? I hadn't either until a link came up on facebook. I decided to give her books a go and I can honestly say, I really enjoy them.

Jessie's books are E-Books so only available on reading devices and tablets and all of her books can be purchased through the Google Play store (where I get mine from), and are ususally a good price too.

Theses books will really appeal to those of you who like fantasy romance books. These have the right amount of adventure and action to keep them interesting and Jessie's own sense of humour really shines through when you read some of the brilliant one liners scattered throughout.

I like the fact that these books, rather than standing alone, are a series that really does follow on from one another. The ongoing storyline, interspersed with the individual stories of the couples makes these good reads and allow the readers to become involved with the characters and become invested into the plot. Easy to read means that you can easily read these in the evening before bed and not feel over-taxed before you sleep.

I like the way Jesie has written her characters, and more of their personalities come out, the more books into the series that you read.

A definite read for fans of Nalini Singh and Terry Spear, especially if you like "Shifter" novels. A 4 book score from me. I would recommend you read these and keep them around. You'll want to go back and read them again.

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