New Monthly 5 Book Review

"Lonely Girl" by Josephine Cox

Good Morning everyone! welcome to another book review. This time, the book is "Lonely Girl" by Josephine Cox.

I have stared at this book on a daily basis at work as we have a book share system in place so we take a book, bring one in and so on. Up until a couple of days ago, I had not been interested in reading Josephine Cox - nothing against the author, I just didn't read the type of books that Josephine is known for writing.

That changed on Wednesday however while I was on my lunch break. I decided to give the book a go. As it is, I finished reading it this morning - just 2 days after I picked it up. I was engrossed in the story of a young girl who adores her father and who has to work out how to start over when her 'mother' kills her father.

The story is such that you will become immersed in the plot quickly and want to find out a) what is going to happen and b) what's next? How is it going to end? You really want it to be a happy ending for heer after all she has been through and you feel a real pity for her in regards to the abuse that she suffers at the hands of the woman that is meant to be her mother.

Would I read the book again? Yes absolutley. while the tale is harrowing and sad, the book is well written and it is a good read. I couldn't put it down. I didn't expect to like it, as I said I hadn't read a Josephine Cox before so I didn't know what I should expect from her. I won't say I'm completely converted to read Josephine Cox's books, but if I come across anotther as good as "Lonely Girl" I will read it, no doubt about that.  

A 4 book review for me for this one. If you haven't tried a Josephine Cox before, try it. If you have read a few of Jospehine's books, this is another good one to get into.

Enjoy! As always, keep reading!!

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