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"The Roanoke Girls" by Amy Engel

Hi everyone! You are in for a treat. In my last blog, I told you I was deciding between two new books to read...well I have actually read both of them so here is the review of the 1st one.

Be prepared to be drawn into this book right from the beginning. This is a deep and compelling novel showcasing a dark family history and a shocking truth.

I was really engrossed in the book, really wanted to know what was going to happen next, what had happened to put the characters into the position that they find themselves in. 

The book has an almost spooky side to it, a real sense that something isn't quite right, of "badness" that you can't really shake and as the truth is revealed you understand that feeling just a little more. 

I read this book in the matter of a few nights, i was so engaged with it. I finished the book with a resounding "Wow". 

I would highly recommend this book as your next read. A solid 4 book score from me. 


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