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"Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe" by Debbie Johnson

Hi everyone!, 

Welcome to my new review. This one is for "Sunshine at the Comfort Food Cafe" by Debbie Johnson.

Yes, it is another book that would be deemed to be a chick lit, but I really liked this one. So easy to get into and read, i quite literally read it in one day! I loved the storyline and how it kind of played into my day job a little (can't say anymore on that). This is a really sweet book that you can lose yourself in for a few hours. 

If there is a message coming from this lovely book, it would be to not let life get in to the way of what you want to do and who you want to be with. If you want to be together, you'll find a way!

The only shame, is that the recipes aren't provided for the cakes featured at the cafe - I would have liked to try some of those myself!

A 4 book score from me, I loved the book and would read it again for sure. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading!

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