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"Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights" by Carole Matthew...

Hi everyone, welcome back to my book review page. 


My review today is on "Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights" by Carole Matthews.

This book is the follow up to "The Cake Shop in the Garden" and follows the next part of the lives of Fay & Danny, Lija and Stan, along with Edie and new character, Rainbow. 

Much like with "The Cake Shop in the Garden", I found similarities between the events in the book and my own life. Sadly, in the first book (spoiler alert), the death and funeral of one of the characters was a little too close to home for me in that it reminded me a little too closely of that of my own mum. This made me feel sad, but also confused as to how the exact same circumstances could be reflected like that in a book of fiction. With this new book, one of the characters, Lija, her mannerisms and everything, just remind me perfectly of a lovely young woman I work with at my day job, right down to her pronuciations and all sorts. 

Only bad thing with this book is that I now feel like I'm torn between wanting to bake and wanting to trot to Milton Keynes, find this cafe and have a slice of cake, a cup of tea and a sandwich! 

I love the follow on story and the idea of the xmas eve wedding (another spoiler alert) made my heart melt - sounds just like the kind of thing I would plan for my own if I was getting married. 

Carole's books have a way of making the reader feels as though they are involved, not just sat somewhere comfy reading, and I like that, I like that I am made to feel like I am in the same room as the characters. 

This is a cozy book and a really lovely read - even makes me want to go off on a canal in a narrowboat - even though I have claustrophobic tendancies! a clear 4 book score from me - I'll be reading this one again without a doubt. 

Enjoy and as always, Keep Reading!!

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