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"Unnatural Causes" by Dr Richard Shepherd

Good Morning! Welcome back to my book reviews!

My first review of the day is for "Unnatural Causes" by Dr Richard Shepherd.

I can safely say that I was surprised by this book, by how quickly I got into reading it and how fascinated I was by the subject. You see, Dr Shepherd is a Forensic Pathologist. 

"Unnatural Causes" tells of how Dr Shepherd came to do the job he does and talks through his family life while taking you through some of the cases that he has worked on. He tells you that he has changed the names of those that he can, but of course, there are some cases that are just so well known that changing the names would have been a pointless exercise. 

I can say that there are no gruesome details, certainly nothing that will put you off your dinner, but there are (possibly unintentional) funny quips regarding attendees who ended up more than a little green around the gills as it were. What is throughout the book is a fascinating insight into the job of a Forensic Pathologist, as well as the politics that appears to become a part of the role. 

Sadly, the book doesn't make me feel any calmer about death, my fear of that is very much still active, but I do have a respect for those, like Dr Shepherd who work in that field and can make the situation seem a little more bearable for the families involved. 

I enjoyed reading about the different cases, some I'd heard of, others I hadn't and my reactions to the different cases varied between a hand over the mouth, wide eyes in shock to Wow, really? 

If you like reading books that give you a real "day in the life of" feeling, and allow you to see what it is like to do a particular job, this book is for you. If you have a general fascination about what it is like to do a job like this, the book is for you. 

Overall, this is a surprisingly good book, I enjoyed reading it. Would I read it again? yes, but maybe not for a while, especially as some of the cases stay with you, particularly those that are more well known.  I would give "Unnatural Causes" a 3 1/2 book score. Well worth a read. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading! x

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