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"The Day We Meet Again" by Miranda Dickinson

Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome back to my book review page, "To Read...Or Not." For those that haven't ventured to this page before, I write a review of a book I have recently read, and score the book out of 5 'Books', 1 being dreadful, 5 being fabulous! So, onto the first of my festive reviews. 

This review, as you may have gathered from the title is for "The Day We Meet Again" by Miranda Dickinson. I have a real love for Miranda's books and this one was no exception. I loved the concept of two random people meeting in St Pancras station, both there for different reasons, who find themselves falling in love at first sight, but agreeing to take the year apart as planned before meeting back in St Pancras. 

I will add now that until I read this book, I had no idea that there was a statue of John Betjeman in St Pancra, let alone where it was. I actually managed to see it when I arriaved in St Pancras on the 23rd, sadly, no lovebirds hanging about, but one can wish. 

Miranda has a way of writing characters that you really get behind, and you find yourself getting frustrated when the character does something daft, or things aren't going according to the romantic plan. Of course, just when you think everything is going to work out, something comes along to scupper the plans, but alls well that ends well. 

I really enjoyed reading this, so much I devoured it in a couple of days - needless to say the TV was left firmly turned off. I love books like this where I can become immersed and its like nothing else matters than finding out if there really is such thing as a happy ending. 

I happily give this book a 5 book score - absolutley a love story to get behind - If you haven't read Miranda's books before, I thoroughly recommend them.

Enjoy! x

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