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"You and Me Always" by Jill Mansell

Hi Everyone! You may notice, I'm on a little romantic comedy run today, but that is just because I happen to read a couple over the last few days. 

Ah, Jill Mansell, a mainstay Author of Romantic Comedies, I've been reading Jills books since I was introduced to her by a old colleague from a cash & carry I used to work for. My friend was bonkers for Jill's books and was always reading one - I think she might still be doing the same now. 

Anyway, my second review for today is "You and Me Always". As with Miranda Dickinson's books, I love Jill Mansell. I really enjoyed this one, there was just something there at the back of my mind that made mewonder just how many times the scenario had played out in real life. 

I loved that one main character had been in love with another since childhood, but hadn't said anything, been her best friend instead, and somehow steadfastly coping with her dating and so on. Again, I love the ending of the book, I actually had a feeling of relief, that the right people got together with the right people and I admit, I couldn't have written it any better myself!

I love books like this, feel god books - you finish the book feeling really good, like everything is right with the world. Things may be falling down around your ears (in my case literally when a stack of books fell over while I was trying in vain to pack them and accidentally bumped my head into the stack next to them....think dominoes with my cowering, head covered) but you can read a book like this and just feel warm and happy again.

I give this book a 5 book score. I've read it and wil happily read it over and over again.

Enjoy! x 

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