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"The Widows' Club" by Amanda Brooke

Hey everyone, welcome back to my review section. 

This time, the book I've been reading is " The Widows' Club" by Amanda Brooke. 

This one intrigued me, I wondered how a story based in a support group was really going to work, if at all. What Amanda has done is very clever, keeping the story relating to a select few of the characters that make up the support group, while not making the whole thing about a set of meetings. 

Each character has a back story and you soon find yourself willing them to do well. You automatically distrust the "bad guy" as it were, without really knowing why, just that feeling like your fur is being rubbed the wrong way, things just don't sit right with you. 

I admit, there has been a couple of occasions when I have been reading where I have litterally told the character to get a grip, but understanding the context of the character and the reasons they have acted in the manner that they have. 

This is a good book to read, I found it easy to get into to and I happily sat reading away a couple of hours when I could, over a coffee or two. 

I give this book a 3 book score. I enjoyed reading it and I think you will too. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading! x

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