New Monthly 5 Book Review

"The English Monster" by Lloyd Shepherd

Morning Everyone! Welcome back to my review segment, ‘To read….or not’.

My review today features the debut work of author Lloyd Shepherd, “The English Monster”.

I’m sad to say that I am more than a little disappointed in this one. I had such high hopes for it, especially as the blurb promises an interesting read with a gothic, slight horror edge to it. Instead the book, to me, was boring, and after such a start as well.

I’m not one to describe a book as boring, but it really is the one word to describe “The English Monster”. Don’t misunderstand me, I gave this book a good shot, read through a number of chapters, willing it to get better, but it just didn’t.

I’m also aware that I have not long read another historical fiction novel, “Blood & Sugar” and I may have been unconscientiously comparing the two without meaning to, but nevertheless, I don’t feel as though “The English Monster” delivered on it’s promises.

I understand that the book is meant to tell the story of real life crimes, ‘The Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811’ and this had begun to be told in the chapters I had read, but truth be told, the blurb of the book promises to be something else, something much more gothic than it actually is.

Sadly, I will be awarding “The English Monster” a 1 book score. I may try again with the book, try and stick through it to see if I can see what the reviews plastered all over the cover are going on about, I may not.

As with all of the reviews I post, this is purely my sole opinion and nothing more. If you choose the read the book, you may see something in it that I have not, in which case, please let me know and I’ll give the book another go.

Take care, stay safe and Keep Reading!

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