New Monthly 5 Book Review

"The Secret Runners of New York" by Matthew Reilly

Welcome back! 

You're in luck today, 2 books reviewed!

This time, the book I'm reviewing is "The Secret Runners of New York" by Matthew Reilly. 

I've collected Matthew's books for years now ever since I came across "Seven Ancient Wonders" and "Temple", quickly becoming hooked on both books and finding myself locating all available books I could that Matthew had written.

"The Secret Runners of New York" is one of the latest Matthew Reilly books that I have brought. Much thinner than some of his books, this one does seem to be a Young Adult novel, though I know Matthew would deny that (if the interview with him at the back of the book is anything to go by!)


Much like Matthew's other books, this one has a good pace and story behind the action. I merrily read this one in a little more than a day - I was determined to do nothing but read this weekend - and I cannot wait to start my next book - also Matthew Reilly. 

I do think this book is perfectly suited to teenage readers (and adults like me who are fans of the author) to read and enjoy. The length of the book is ideal and the character base of the book is spot-on for the current teen attitude. Having said that, I've enjoyed this one in the same way I enjoy a 'quick read' so I'm more than happy to read it again.

a four book score from me for "The Secret Runners of New York". 

Enjoy! Stay safe x

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