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"Midnight Sun" by Stephanie Meyer

Hi everyone, welcome back. 

This may not be a long awaited book review, but this time it is for "Midnight Sun" by Stephanie Meyer. 

What is "Midnight Sun"? It is the very long-awaited retelling of "Twilight" from Edward's perspective. 

Spoiler Alert - If you haven't read it and want to, read it now before you read my review.

Not sure what I was expecting by this instalment in the franchise, but to receive a book roughly the same size if not a little thicker than "Breaking Dawn" wasn't it. 

I've actually enjoyed this book, maybe more than I thought I would. I like seeing the action from the other side as it were and I think the story is better (dare I say) than the original version. (fairly sure I heard jaws drop then) Before you all go on a thunderous rampage and start sticking voodoo dolls of me with enormous pins, bear with me, let me explain. 

"Midnight Sun" gives you more details that you ever had in "Twilight". You see the whole original 'girl meets vampire' love story from that vampire's point of view, you get to read/"hear" the conversations that are meant to have been had in Edward's family as the story unfolds, and while you still really want to give Rosalie a shake and tell her to get a grip, it is actually nice to at least try and get an understanding of Edward's thoughts and feelings as he gets to grips with what is assumed to be his first love, his feelings for Bella. 

For the adults out there, already groaning, moaning, and being generally pedantic over the book, again remember the audience the book is aimed at - Young Adults - as in teenagers, as in those members of society most likely to understand the feelings head on and know exactly what is going through the characters' minds. There really is no reason to tear the book to shreds and curse all over the place - "Midnight Sun" is a good book. 

I will admit, there are some aspects of Edward's behaviour that raised an eyebrow and may have been considered as stalker tendencies, but remember it's I suppose akin to a description of that first love feeling that I'm sure we've all had at one time or another, when we were all busy doodling boyfriend/girlfriend's names on notebooks and practicing our married name signatures (girls anyway) and while in real life the behaviour wouldn't be accepted, this is a fictional story about fictional characters and shouldn't really be taken as real life. 

I'm sure most of you have read "Twilight" and can appreciate when I say that I'm glad that when the movie of the same name was released, the producers/director had changed the character that speaks the line "I could smell her across the field" from Alice to Rosalie as the line is just such a bitchy line that it never made sense for Alice to be the one saying it, a thought I was reminded of when it appears in "Midnight Sun". 

Stephanie has woven the two books cleverly, using the conversations between the characterswell, but I did notice that there were some differences, statements given in slightly different ways, extra statements givein in conversations that aren't featured in "Twilight" and that makes for a slightly confusing read at times; not that you can't imagine the conversation taking place, but it does lead to think you're reading a different conversation than what you may remember from the original book. Don't worry though, the tewaks don't detract from the story.

I like that you get the running thoughts that Edward is picking up from the others, from the catty comments Jessica thinks to the jealous and grumpy comments from Mike, these add a slight comedy factor to the book. I also like that there is a little more detail about Edward's family, the individuals. You get a better sense as to who they are, and their personalities than previously shown and this demonstrates how hard it is to create 3rd party characters and give them life and a backstory when you're writing a piece in the 1st person as you're only giving the 3rd party characters the personality as seem by the 1st person, traits noticed by that person's interactions and not necessarily the way the author meant them to be. 

I really think Stephanie has brought more life as it were to Edward's family, to theor traits and habits, to the personalities, and makes them just that little more believable. Jasper's added quirks were interesting and while I first thought, "Why didn't I see this before" the answer is as I described, only seeing Jasper through Bella's eyes previously, of course you won't know his quirks in the same way Edward would, Bella's only human (in the first book anyway). 

Whatever side of the fence you guys come down on, I like this book, I enjoyed it. For that reason, I'm giving "Midnight Sun" a 4 book score. I would read this one again. 

So enjoy, and as always Keep Reading! x

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