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"One Enchanted Evening" by Anton Du Beke

Good Morning, Welcome back.

This morning I wanted to post my review for Anton Du Beke's debut novel, "One Enchanted Evening".

Hands up if you know who I'm talking about! Well for those that don't, Anton is a principal professional Dancer on the TV programme "Strictly Come Dancing" and has been a part of the line up since the beginning of the show a decade ago and is very popular. 

I was a little surprised when the book was released, sure, Anton is an amazing dancer, but can he write? 

Turns out he can. Of course the main character is a dancer, stands to reason doesn't it? But the story is more than that. I like that this has an old charm about it, set in the period between the end of the Great War and the start of the second, this is more than a book about a dancer in a prominent hotel, this is a story that weaves dancing and politics of the dancefloor with the politics of the day, the never ending cycle of secrets and lies, love and hate all scattered liberally with glitz and sparkles. 

I've enjoyed reading this book a lot more than I thought I would, really thought that the book was a fad (Sorry Anton, no offence meant) a gimick to further increase Anton's personality and fame. I was wrong and I admit that. 

The book is a joy, and it's nice to read something that has a story you can follow and be immersed in without too much violence and language as I've seen in some books. There's revelations about the characters that surprise you, but also keeps you wanting to know more. I enjoyed this one so much, I purchased Anton's second book, also set in the same hotel called "Moonlight Over Mayfair" and I can't wait to read it. 


I was going to give the book a 3 book score, but I've settled on a 4 book score. I was just so surprised by the book and how much I've enjoyed reading it. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading! x

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