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"The Broken Window" by Jeffrey Deaver

Welcome back, my second review of the day is for "The Broken Window" by Jeffrey Deaver.

If you think Mr Deaver's name sounds familiar, it should, he is the author behind the character of Lincoln Rhyme, first seen in 1997's "The Bone Collector".

I really like the Lincoln Rhyme character, so I settled down and got stuck into this book. I'll be honest, this one freaked me a little more than just gruesome murders and so on would do, but for a reason not many would expect. This one gave me a real sense of 'big brother is watching you', an understanding of how the adverts received, perceived as junk mail but somehow tailored to you are sent out. 

I also now feel like I have to go and live off the grid as it were in a lovely log cabin somewhere pretty, go back to writing on my typewriter, and the only things around to be annoyed by the clack, clack, clack of the keys would be woodland animals. 

So I can safely say I have found something that scares me more than anything - the frightening amount of information that seems available to anyone and their aunty about yours truly. Makes me shudder even thinking about it. 

Back to the book, this is a hallmark Lincoln Rhyme, if you've read any of the Lincoln Rhyme series you will understand where I'm coming from. I love how the character is working hard to overcome his own personal issues with his mobility, as well as his relationship with Amelia Sachs, the positive affect she appears to have on Rhyme, who is an otherwise gruff and terse person to behold. 

This one is another example of how clever the plot lines are in Mr Deaver's books. Just when you think you have an idea as to who the bad guy is, you find yourself off down a different route, and I'll be honest, I did wonder on this one if a certain incident was too good to be true, but even I was pulled in the same directions as the characters as they were working the case for themselves. 

I loved it, and plan to complete my collection of Lincoln Rhyme novels as soon as I can find the space on my bookcase!

A 4 book score from me once again, a great book and I'd urge you to read if you like a good crime thriller. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading x


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