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"Rise of the Dragons" by Morgan Rice (Audiobook review #...

Good Afternoon, welcome back! 

Audiobook review #3 is "Rise of the Dragons" by Morgan Rice.

Something for my readers who like fantasy novels like Christopher Paolini's "Eragon" series. 

In fact, if you like "Eragon", you'll like "Rise of the Dragons". I have the "Eragon" series in paperback  and have read all of them, enjoyed them more than I thought I would too, but they aren't the reaon for this review.

"Rise of the Dragons" has a medieval feel to it, as seems to be the norm for the fantasy genre books I favour. I like that the main character in the book is female, something that you don't often see in books like this, and it is refreshing to see a female character taking the lead in a fantasy book. I get the impression from the way the character is written that she is a little like the youngest Stark sister from a certain well known series of books (and TV) in that she is more of a tom boy, not so much into the dresses and so on and really wants to get involved with the soldiers training and such, much to her father's chagrin. 

This book is adventure all the way, ups, downs, twists and turns and yet you find yourself wanting to know more and as this is an Audiobook, can't switch it off for fear of missing what happens next (as irrational as it is). 

Now while I have read some fantasy novels, they aren't the ones I would normally choose to read and in fact I picked this one as it was different, the blurb drew me in and also the fact that this one was free on the platform I use to obtain my Audiobooks at the time (not sure if it is still free, I haven't looked). 

Needless to say, I began to listen to it and was drawn into the story, into the adventure and I enjoyed it. i like that the book gives the impression of a story unfinished to draw you into the next one in the series and I have been listening to that one too ("Rise of the Valiant"). Much like the "Eragon" books, the story just pulls you in and holds you there, wanting to know more - the sign of a good book in anyone's judgement, mine included. 

A 4 book score from me. Fantasy book lovers will like this one. 

Stay safe, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading! see you next time x

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