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Hi everyone! Welcome back - this is Audiobook review #4. 

I hope you're enjoying the reviews so far. I know I am - they are a little different to do compared to a regular paperback/hardback book review. 

Now I know I may have already reviewed the e-book version of the "Stonefire Dragons" series by Jessie Donovan, but hear me out (sorry for the pun). As I've noted in one of the earlier reviews, there is a marked difference between reading the book and getting an idea in your mind as to how the characters speak, how the conversations would go if you could hear them and having the book narrated to you, hearing the accents given to the characters, hearing those same conversations and trust me when I say it can make all the difference to the book. 

Take the burgeoning friendship between the Stonefire Clan Leader, Bram Moore-Llewelyn and the Lochguard Clan Leader, Finlay Stewart. In the books, their interactions with each other are comical enough, but hearing them aloud, hearing the banter really does make you laugh out loud as the characters truly sound like a pair of brothers bickering, a comment of such is made by another of the characters as the interaction between the two Clan Leaders is the source of much amusment to those closest to them. I can happily note that one more than one occasion I have had to stop what I was doing, rewind the last couple of minutes of the book I was listening to and hear it again just to laugh at the same thing a couple of times because it just got to me and I couldn't help it. 

Actually, sometimes listening to these makes me sad that the characters aren't real people that you could be friends with, because judging by the sense of humour that comes across, I would be good friends with these guys!

As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of these books and I'm happy to have them in either format. 

Like with Nalini Singh, Jessie Donovan has a way of writing that makes the scenarios feasible, plausible that the events could be happening. The fact Jessie bases these books in particular in the UK, and hearing the various accents from around the UK makes the books and the characters come alive as it were, the characters could easily be your neighbours!

With the Audiobooks, this is helped along by the narrators. Matthew Lloyd Davies narrates most of them, with others being narrated by Brian J Gill and Gary Furlong. All of the narrators have good voices to listen to and that in itself is important. If the narrator has a voice that sound akin to nails on a chalkboard you are going to want to switch it off and protect your ears from damage!

A 5 book score from me - I'm a fan and proud to say that. I like paranormal romance books (these with a hint of fantasy thrown in for luck) and I like the way Jessie writes, having collected a number of her books over the years. 

If I was to have a complaint, it would be the reading (or listening) order of the books. I say this as Jessie has interwoven the "Stonefire Dragons" books with some of the "Lochguard Dragons" series. Not necessarily a problem if you are aware of the reading/listening order, but if you aren't, it can be a little confusing, especially when some books in one series refer to something that has happened in the other and you don't know about it yet....I am also a person who like to read one series before I jump to the next, so having the two intermingle is a little irritating to me, but that is purely a preference of mine and I deal with it!

Stay ssafe, look after each other and as always, Keep Reading! x see you in the next one. 

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