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Hi everyone, welcome back. 

This Audiobook review is for Cora Seaton's book, "Issued to the Bride: One Marine". 

Now from what I can tell, this book is number 4 in the series, not that it is obvious until you start listening to it. Nor is it clear from the titles of the books unless you are familiar with Cora Seaton's work. 

Not a bad book to listen to if you can forgive the fact that most of the accents alluded to in the narration are similar with a couple of accents sounding more forced than anything. Even the lead female character sounds almost the same as the lead male character - not ideal.

Note to narrators, if you can't do a particular accent, don't try to - it is almost offensive for you to do that! Much like in the States, there's dialectual differences across the UK and Ireland, so listen carefully to the accent you want to portray before you sound it out - please. 

The other aspect of this book that annoyed me is that I couldn't properly pin down exactly when the book was based. The characters refer to a time in the past that they would go back to if given a chance and talk about revoluntionary war (spoiler alert), and the characters drive cars/trucks so this suggests that the book is set in the present, but the characterisation lets you think the book is set almost decades ago, if not older than that. Honestly, it sounded like the author was confused as to what era she was writing in, and that doesn't bode well when you're listening to the book. 

Part of me thinks present time, but then part of me hears characterisation that speaks of attitudes from 100 years ago. Then again, lead female character goes to a bar, plays pool and drives a truck. 

Part of the confusion may come from the fact that I appear tp have begun listening to the series mid way through, but there is enough information given that refers back to what has happened before to make it so I don't have to listen to the other's if I don't want to. 

Sadly, a 2 book score from me. Not the best of the Audiobooks I've listened to. I'm not sure this book has garnered my interest in Cora Seaton's work enough to want to listen to anymore. Whether the books are better in the e-book format, I can't say, but based on this one, I won't be partaking of them. 

Stay safe, Look after each other, and as always, Keep Reading! x



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