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"The Devil and the Dark Water" by Stuart Turton

The long awaited second novel from Stuart Turton doesn't disappoint. Much like his debut, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, there is a quirkyness to the book that keeps you thinking one thing while something else entirely is going on. 

There are little guides throughout that make you believe not all is as it seems, and little character quirks that make you wonder, but then you're sucked back into the plot narrative and you keep guessing a little longer. 

When the truth comes out, it may come across a little far fetched, but it is clever and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the book, I'd read it again, though part of me thinks the book couldv'e been a chapter or two shorter and still had the same affect. There are just some aspects of the plot that appear to be a little over stretched. This is purely my opinion though and I would urge to consider reading the book, it is a good read, time not wasted with this one. 

A 3 1/2 book score from me this time. 

Enjoy and as always, Keep Reading! 

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