New Monthly 5 Book Review

Good Morning! Welcome back to my review section. My new review is on this months read for my Book Club, "Wakenhyrst" by Michelle Paver.

I first came across this book on social media when author Michelle Gorman (don't confuse the two) posted that she was reading it and enjoying the book. Trust me when I say that there are no better people to ask regarding a good book than an author!

Reading the blurb of the book, I was interested straight away, I wanted to read the book. I was also drawn in by the cover - never judge a book by it's cover mind you, but the cover of "Wakenhyrst" is a lovely deep blue with a multi coloured design, by Edward Bettison. 

I love stories like "Wakenhyrst" where there is a history, a deep back story that you can get sucked into, you want to find out more. Especially when there is almost always an element of truth behind it. 

I really like Michelle's way of describing events happening without outrightly telling you what it is. The narration leads you to understand the situation, particularly the time period of the book and the ways that people would have lived then. 

Above all, I love the way you're lead through this story. I love that all the while reading the book, I had this real sense of unease and not quite knowing what was happening, how things had suddenly changed, but that's the beauty of it, the subtlety of the horror creeping in. Gave me goosebumps!


A great book to read if you haven't already done so and I give "Wakenhyrst" a 3 book score. I will be keeping onto this one and I'll be popping onto a bookstore's website to look at ordering Michelle's other books. 

Take care, stay safe. I hope you enjoy "Wakenhyrst" as much as I did. x

Hey everyone, welcome to another review in "To read....or not". 

This time, my latest review is on "The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew" by Milly Johnson.

Classic Milly, this is a romantic, slighty comedic novel that touches brilliantly on the life of a politician and his family life. The 'Mrs Mayhew' in question is the politician's wife and it is lovely to see how Milly portrays the wife as being nothing more than a trophy to decorate his arm and the obvious shock when it transpires that she has a real grit and determination that had been overlooked. 

From around halfway through the story, I was well and truly routing for the other guy, a character who was so very much the antithesis of the politician and I really enjoyed the way I was left routing for Mrs Mayhew and hoping that she would just go for it, follow her dream and finally understand the person she was becoming. 

I really enjoy Milly's books, and I have for years now. I give this one a 4 book score. Ladies, especially will love this book. 

Enjoy, take care, stay safe, and as always, Keep Reading! x

Welcome back!

My new review is for "Blood & Sugar" by Laura Shepherd-Robinson.

I'm not usually a fan of historical fiction, bar "Richard iv The last White Rose" by Eric Owen Burke. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this book, easy to get stuck into, with a really good storyline that kept you guessing to the end. 

I like the way Laura built on her characters, made them believable and I found I was really invested in them and wanted to know how the story was going to end. 

I can see why this book was the winner of the Historical Writers' Association Debut Crown Award - very well deserved. I spent hours at a time reading this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I'm pleased to know that Laura's new book is released in June this year!

I would recommend this book to all of you. Don't judge it by the cover, by the fact it is historical fiction. What this book is, is a great example of a crime novel, written to good standards and with a gripping storyline - exactly what you want from a good book. 

I give this book a 4 book score - i'll be reading this one again for sure. 

Enjoy, stay safe and as always, Keep Reading! x

Hey everyone, welcome back to my review section. 

This time, the book I've been reading is " The Widows' Club" by Amanda Brooke. 

This one intrigued me, I wondered how a story based in a support group was really going to work, if at all. What Amanda has done is very clever, keeping the story relating to a select few of the characters that make up the support group, while not making the whole thing about a set of meetings. 

Each character has a back story and you soon find yourself willing them to do well. You automatically distrust the "bad guy" as it were, without really knowing why, just that feeling like your fur is being rubbed the wrong way, things just don't sit right with you. 

I admit, there has been a couple of occasions when I have been reading where I have litterally told the character to get a grip, but understanding the context of the character and the reasons they have acted in the manner that they have. 

This is a good book to read, I found it easy to get into to and I happily sat reading away a couple of hours when I could, over a coffee or two. 

I give this book a 3 book score. I enjoyed reading it and I think you will too. 

Enjoy, and as always, Keep Reading! x

Hi all, welcome back to my book review segment, to read...or not. This time my focus is on one of the best selling books certainly of he last few months, if not of the last year, "This is going to hurt" by Adam Kay.

This book is genius. I had the book receommended to me by a work friend and I have never been so pleased in my life! 

This book in equal parts made me laugh, wince and laugh again. The book also made me sympathise an awful lot more with the Doctors and Nurses, Midwives and more than work within the NHS and I'm so grateful for all the work that they do. I also feel like I learned something. Adam includes notes through the book where he has noted something in 'medicalese' and therefore only recognisable by people within same said profession and i'm glad of that. 

I also take heart in knowing that the sometimes evident lack of common sense isn't just notable in the everyday, mundane life, but also in hospital too. 

I'm not ashamed to admit that I devoured this book in just a few sittings, the longest being my train ride to London - trying to stop myself laughing out loud on a train full of people was an interesting addition to the journey that is for sure. 

If you're very squeamish, maybe this is not the book for you as some of the descriptions do come across as a little graphic, but if you have a dry sense of humour, much like myself, this is definitely the book for you. 

I can honestly say, I actually thought I couldn't be surprised anymore, then I read this book. All i can say is good on you, Adam, for keeping what must have been an amazing, epic straight face when being faced with some of those scenarios, I for one would have been laughing till I cried. 

As much as I loved this book and for the comedy content alone this deserves a 5 book score from me, I'm actually scoring it a three book score. This is my own view and I can say that I've read the book now, would I want to read it again? Maybe, in a couple of years or so when I have had the chance to forget the stories told. 

All in all, a great read and if you haven't read it yet, why not??