New Monthly 5 Book Review

Welcome back! 

You're in luck today, 2 books reviewed!

This time, the book I'm reviewing is "The Secret Runners of New York" by Matthew Reilly. 

I've collected Matthew's books for years now ever since I came across "Seven Ancient Wonders" and "Temple", quickly becoming hooked on both books and finding myself locating all available books I could that Matthew had written.

"The Secret Runners of New York" is one of the latest Matthew Reilly books that I have brought. Much thinner than some of his books, this one does seem to be a Young Adult novel, though I know Matthew would deny that (if the interview with him at the back of the book is anything to go by!)


Much like Matthew's other books, this one has a good pace and story behind the action. I merrily read this one in a little more than a day - I was determined to do nothing but read this weekend - and I cannot wait to start my next book - also Matthew Reilly. 

I do think this book is perfectly suited to teenage readers (and adults like me who are fans of the author) to read and enjoy. The length of the book is ideal and the character base of the book is spot-on for the current teen attitude. Having said that, I've enjoyed this one in the same way I enjoy a 'quick read' so I'm more than happy to read it again.

a four book score from me for "The Secret Runners of New York". 

Enjoy! Stay safe x

Morning all, welcome back! Today I'm looking at "Hard Pushed: A Midwife's Story" by Leah Hazard.

Before you say anything, yes I did read this book, that quickly. I just couldn't put it down. Whether you're male or female, parents or not you have to read this book! 

It's heartwarming while surprising and even sometimes sad but the messages that pour out of the pages of the courage of the women in what can be dificult times is outstanding. 

Once upon a time I wanted to be a Midwife - what stopped me? My own fears I think. That and personal issues with my family. I wouldn't have had the peace needed to do my studies. But I salute each and every Midwife - I hope one day it will be my turn to be cared for by these astounding (men and) women!

So, back to the book - I was engrossed from the off. I love that while the stories aren't of one particular woman giving birth to one particular baby, they're an amalgamation, the tales aren't any less true or honest and certainly nothing is lost. The book is a great insight into the lives of the Midwives and the work they do.

I will happily be reading this one again, maybe when I'm expecting my own baby, if not before. I give "Hard Pushed: A Midwife's Story" a 5 book score, it couldn't be anything less.

Enjoy! Stay safe, stay home x 

Hey everyone, welcome back!

I hope you're safe and well. As you may have guessed, today's review is on "Good Omens" by the late Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

I'm not usually a reader of Terry Pratchett novels, purely as I'm not much a reader of Fantasy books (says the one who has read the first GOT book and was for a time making her way through the second) however, I saw the trailers for the TV show, and I've heard so many good things about the book I thought I'd give it a go. 

The book is as funny as advertised. The dry humour really comes through and I loved it! What helped me I think is that I'd watched the first episode of the TV show with David Tennant and Michael Sheen and so each time I was reading about their characters, I could just hear their voices in my head - made me laugh all the more. 

I agree with my friends on this book, it is truly brilliant and well worth reading if you haven't already. Also as an aside, the TV show really is a good adaptation and stays pretty true to the book which makes a nice change. 

What was my favourite part? other than Aziraphale sounds like one of my ancestors (I would struggle to sell books too if I owned a book shop), the 4 non riders of the apocalypse made me giggle, particularly their name changing! I won't say more for the spoilers!

A rare 5 book score from me! a brilliant book and I would enjoy reading this one again!

Enjoy, stay safe and Keep Reading!

Morning Everyone! Welcome back to my review segment, ‘To read….or not’.

My review today features the debut work of author Lloyd Shepherd, “The English Monster”.

I’m sad to say that I am more than a little disappointed in this one. I had such high hopes for it, especially as the blurb promises an interesting read with a gothic, slight horror edge to it. Instead the book, to me, was boring, and after such a start as well.

I’m not one to describe a book as boring, but it really is the one word to describe “The English Monster”. Don’t misunderstand me, I gave this book a good shot, read through a number of chapters, willing it to get better, but it just didn’t.

I’m also aware that I have not long read another historical fiction novel, “Blood & Sugar” and I may have been unconscientiously comparing the two without meaning to, but nevertheless, I don’t feel as though “The English Monster” delivered on it’s promises.

I understand that the book is meant to tell the story of real life crimes, ‘The Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811’ and this had begun to be told in the chapters I had read, but truth be told, the blurb of the book promises to be something else, something much more gothic than it actually is.

Sadly, I will be awarding “The English Monster” a 1 book score. I may try again with the book, try and stick through it to see if I can see what the reviews plastered all over the cover are going on about, I may not.

As with all of the reviews I post, this is purely my sole opinion and nothing more. If you choose the read the book, you may see something in it that I have not, in which case, please let me know and I’ll give the book another go.

Take care, stay safe and Keep Reading!

Good Morning! Welcome back to my review section. My new review is on this months read for my Book Club, "Wakenhyrst" by Michelle Paver.

I first came across this book on social media when author Michelle Gorman (don't confuse the two) posted that she was reading it and enjoying the book. Trust me when I say that there are no better people to ask regarding a good book than an author!

Reading the blurb of the book, I was interested straight away, I wanted to read the book. I was also drawn in by the cover - never judge a book by it's cover mind you, but the cover of "Wakenhyrst" is a lovely deep blue with a multi coloured design, by Edward Bettison. 

I love stories like "Wakenhyrst" where there is a history, a deep back story that you can get sucked into, you want to find out more. Especially when there is almost always an element of truth behind it. 

I really like Michelle's way of describing events happening without outrightly telling you what it is. The narration leads you to understand the situation, particularly the time period of the book and the ways that people would have lived then. 

Above all, I love the way you're lead through this story. I love that all the while reading the book, I had this real sense of unease and not quite knowing what was happening, how things had suddenly changed, but that's the beauty of it, the subtlety of the horror creeping in. Gave me goosebumps!


A great book to read if you haven't already done so and I give "Wakenhyrst" a 3 book score. I will be keeping onto this one and I'll be popping onto a bookstore's website to look at ordering Michelle's other books. 

Take care, stay safe. I hope you enjoy "Wakenhyrst" as much as I did. x