My NaNoWriMo features

Flash Fiction number 1

"Murder on the Train".

There's a light drizzle as the woman hurries down the steps to the platform and onto the waiting train.

As she makes her way to her seat, she glances through the window and freezes, causing the person behind to bump into her. A quiet 'excuse me' and the woman sits down after removing her coat.

How did he know where she was? She'd been careful, only making her travel plans at the last minute. She'd even taken a longer trip to the station, deliberately going the opposite way and then doubling back. Didn't matter though, she thought, he's found her again anyway and there he was, sitting on the bench, right there on the platform, watching her.

She did her best to ignore the man whose eyes barely left the idling train as it sat waiting to leave and took a notebook from her bag and set to work. She had a deadline to meet and she couldn't be late this time, her job depended on it.

As she worked, a second man joined the first on the bench, huddled up against the weather in a rain slicker and a dark hat. The second man glanced at the train and checked his watch before looking away. The woman couldn't help chancing a quick look out of the window as she paused in her work, but looked away quickly as she caught the eye of the man that had followed her as he had been for weeks.

She looked up again at the sound of a sudden commotion, a crowd of passengers flooded the platform, rushing to get on the train before it left, bound for London.

She stole another glance as the crowd dispersed and was disappointed to see the man was still there on the bench, he hadn't moved. Was he planning to jump onto the train just before it left? The second man, in his rain slicker was still there too looking as though he was waiting for someone.

Then she saw it. A small Mark just above the first man's collar and the slowly darkening stain on his clothing, a small drip onto the floor that only a downpour would remove and she knew it was over.

She turned back to her notebook as the train's engine hummed to life, it was preparing to go. A light tap over the keys was all it took. Moments later she heard the telltale chime of a phone message being received. After a quick glance at the screen, the second man looked at the train and nodded an acknowledgement to the woman as the train pulled away.

"Payment received"......

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