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Flash Fiction number 2

"Nobody goes there".

"Nobody goes there anymore" is the only thing I've been told any time I ask about the old Logan place.
Logan's Drift was a huge sprawling house set in a couple of acres of land that once was in full bloom. Until that one night that is, back in November 1980 when the bodies were found in shallow graves near an old summer house.

Rumours had gone haywire for years after Clara Logan had seemingly disappeared with her daughter Jenny, who had turned 7 just weeks before.
When Clara's husband, Jenny's father Phillip left suddenly a few weeks after the disappearance, the thoughts of those in town soon turned to believe that Phillip was guilty and was on the run.

That's why I'm here in Cliftwood, trying to piece together what happened to Clara and Jenny, why they were killed and why Phillip left the way he did. I don't believe he had anything to do with it but, well it does look bad.

Trouble is, those who are old enough to tell me the truth are no longer around or have dementia, all I'm told by those who were young at the time of the disappearance simply say that "Nobody goes there anymore".

I wasn't old enough at the time to ask questions, but I just want to know the truth of what happened to my sister, but I guess some secrets are destined to remain in their graves.

I really like this and I might even use it in a longer story, maybe a novel. What do you think??

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