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Me, Myself & I - part five

Welcome back to the mini series. 

Another wek has passed and I haven't ventured out! Last Sunday morning, my other half and I went to the local Lidl supermarket - a couple of miles from our home and we arrived in plenty of time for opening, but the queue was still quite a way away from the store even at that time. He stayed in the car, claiming he would get bored so he left me to queue and do the shopping - not that I minded.

I haven't been out of our home since. Good job too as deliveries have arrived thick and fast this week, just one left to come. 

I do feel like I'm beginning to go a little stir crazy at times. I'm trying to do little jobs around the home to keep my mind occupied but it is so tough. Working from Home has gone very quickly from a luxury we could do on occasion to the new normal and as such it is far too easy to work all hours and finding the home/work balance isn't easy. 

I'm baking more than ever at the moment, not that my other half is complaining. I'm enjoying that, and scratch cooking our dinners too. 

One good thing about being at home all the time is that it allows me to work on my studies too. speaking of which, I'd better go, my assignment won't write itself! see you next time x

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