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Me, Myself & I - part seven

Good Morning, welcome to a new edition of 'Me, Myself & I'. 

Another week has passed and we're still in lockdown but I actually feel like I'm getting the hang of it at last. Shopping delivery arranged so the boyf and I don't have to negotiate the trecherous task of braving an actual supermarket - and if I'm honest, the constant queuing is getting a bit boring now. 

I've spent some time this VE day weekend working on our home project, the new balcony is taking shape. It isn't a new balcony per se, just the old one the boyf used as storage is getting a face lift and is already looking better for a couple of coats of paint. Still a few things to do out there, but it is taking shape nicely and, I don't know about you, but I was finding the painting really theraputic. 

I found I could concentrate on the painting, doing the edges (as high as I could reach as the boyf will do the tops), then getting busy with the roller. I love to see the instant change made to the walls as the paint was going on. I can't wait to see how it is all going to look when it is finished. 

I'm getting back to my writing roots more and more as well. I have ideas in my head for a two book series as well as a couple more stand alones. I'm excited by my writing again for the first time in a while and I feel like I can achieve what I want now I have the time - being at home all of the time allows me to plan better and I plan to use my new little outdoor oasis during the warmer months to write out there and relax. 

I do at times feel like the pressure of constantly being home is getting to me and I long to go out, but I'm doing my bit to stay home and stay safe. I'm determined to come out the other side of this pandemic intact, and hopefully, with a semblance of sanity left. I don't care how this all started anymore, though I still wish we'd been told a lot sooner than we were, but I do care about how we end this. 

If you want things to change, do as you're told. Stay home. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, go out into your own garden if you have one. You realise everytime a news bulletin is shown around the world that shows Britain, and people out on the streets, it makes the Country look bad? You people out sunning yourselves in the warmer weather are making all of us look like a bunch of ignorant idiots who don't know what is good for us. 

I know there is always one person who believes that they are an exception to the rule, but really? are you trying to get yourselves in hospital, or killed with the virus? 

Here and now is a prime opportunity to do something good with your lives. Learn something with a new course, take up a new hobby that you've always wanted to do. Read a little more. Write that book you have always planned to write. Just don't put yourself and others at unnecessary risk because you don't know how to follow a simple instruction like STAY HOME. 

This is how I am coping with the pandemic. I spend my time trying to help others who seemingly don't want to help themselves. But, I have my own books to read, my own books to write as well as the laundry, so I'll leave with those thoughts for now. 

Take care, stay safe, stay home. Use technology for what it was designed for. Call a loved one, facetime them, use skype. But stay safe. 


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