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Me, Myself & I - part eight

Hey, welcome back! Glad to see you. 

Well another week of lockdown has passed and nothing much has changed here is our casa. 

I know there was an annoucement last week and for some people this means returning to their places of work, but for once i'm pleased by my offices' response, which was if you can work from home to do your job, work from home. Best news I've heard in weeks. 

I'm making plans at the moment so that the next time I go back to my home town, it will be to pack up my flat and make the move here permanent. I need to do this for my health, my sanity, and for me. Sounds selfish, I have a lot of friends in my home town who I will miss when I move permanently here, but I miss them now so what difference will it make? Also, I hate long drawn out goodbyes, so this would be perfect for me, kept on the downlow as it were, into the office long enough to sort my locker, grab the few belongings I have there, call dibs on my chair - you'd have to know my chair to understand and get out of there. 

What have I found out about myself this week? I'm settled here. I'm calmer in myself than I have been in years - yes, things still make me anxious, and some things still stress me out, but I know now that I belong here and I plan to make it happen this year. 

I'm learning to do things that I won't regret. I don't want to leave something and then wish I'd done it. I don't want to spend years thinking 'What if?'. 

Still, do I think the lockdown should remain? absolutely. I don't think we were tough enough in the lockdown to begin with. Other Countries had a much more zero tolerance approach and seemed to have better responses from those living there. Maybe we could learn something from them. It isn't for me to tell you what to do, heaven forbid. But I urge you to take the necessary precautions, stay safe, keep the social distance. Please. 

Take care, and I'll see you next time. x


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