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Me, Myself & I - Part nine

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me again. If you're new, then Welcome!

I'm sorry I missed the post last week - I had a disaster when we lost our internet - right in the middle of my working day! For someone who has not been without internet for more than 10 years, I was having a meltdown! 

In all fairness, I need the internet to be able to do my job, so it was a meltdown with good reason. Still, I did take advantage of the forced downtime to finish my blanket, crocheted and hand stitched together - a project I started a long while ago. 108 squares later and I'm done! It looks cute though. 

How am I getting on with lockdown? Normal life now isn't it? the washing hands a gazillion times a day, followed by the reach for the handcream and then back to work, sitting at the desk in the corner of the room. To give myself a break, I treat myself to a couple of laps of the living room - goodness only knows what the neighbours are making of it. 

In an attempt to distract me from our internet free zone, the boyf asked me what I wanted for my birthday - just weeks away again now. He knows I don't normally celebrate it - what's the point? Still, I said hew knew what I wanted for my birthday, but as it was never likely to appear, not to worry about getting me anything - I'm not one for getting gifts. I'm much more about giving gifts to others. 

Our balcony project is coming on nicely, just a couple of things to do and we'll have a lovely area to sit out and enjoy the evenings - I can't wait!

Well you'd think after more than a week, I would have more to update you on, but it just isn't the case. I haven't actually been out of the flat since the beginning of May, so I'll be making a sojourn out to go grocery shopping - I think that is still a thing anyway. 

Whatever you're doing, stay safe, look after each other. I'll catch you next week. 


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