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Me, Myself & I - part ten

Welcome back, thank you for joining me again. 

Another week or so has passed since my last edition of this series and certainly more changes are afoot. 

The balcony work that has been taking place over the last few weeks is very close to completion, just a couple of last minute things to do. We've moved onto the next room to be changed and already half of the room has been painted. The rest has to wait until pieces of furniture have been moved, curtains taken down. 

Funny isn't it how a change of room colour can make such a difference to how you feel. The new colour while neutral in tone, makes me feel calmer, but has a warmth about it. Really gives a new look to the room. 

I ought to talk to you about the tragic events in the USA, by that I refer to the loss of Mr Floyd. As someone who grew up being told about Apartheid in South Africa, the Nazis in Germany, the seemingly constant war in Iran & Iraq, I am saddened and disgusted that there is still such atrocities taking place. 

ALL lives matter, regardless of colour, creed, sex, religion or anything else. You can be polka dot or covered in deckchair stripes for all I care - I'll be your friend if your decent and polite with me as I am with you. I have pet hates, people being ignorant or rude being just a couple, but I accept everybody. There is not one person on this earth who has the right to say that they deserve to live more than another. Yes War happens, I understand that, but on the streets of the USA, or England or anywhere.... 

We've all seen the various footage with Mr Floyd and we've all seen how brutal and horrific is it. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr Floyd's family at this awful time and I truly hope that you can find peace one day. I will never understand how the actions that lead to the loss of Mr Floyd were deemed to be acceptable by those responsible and I am not going to try to understand either. Nobody should be treated in that manner. 

I don't condone the riots though, nor the vandalism. Instead of living in the present and understanding that the past is exactly that, that the past itsef cannot be changed, riots take place and monuments vandalised or destroyed. Do you think that the vandalism is really going to help? Is it going to make the difference you're crying out for? Would you want others to go out and trash the towns and cities if you were the one who'd lost your life? I doubt it. 

I understand the cause. I understand the need to express the hurt and anger that is felt becuase of the senseless loss of Mr Floyd, but find another way. Sign petitions, hold a vigil. But don't let anyone else get hurt in riots or such - where is the point in that. 

Please stay safe, look after each other x

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